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Published on March 26, 2021    Updated on September 22, 2021
Final Fantasy XIV Online

25 Captivating Final Fantasy XIV Cosplay Costumes

FFXIV offers countless inspiration for cosplay artists, so we've handpicked the 25 most impressive costumes!

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Do you know Final Fantasy XIV? If so, you probably know that this is one of the most popular gaming franchises with a huge player base worldwide. As we have become accustomed from MMORPG games, they take place in an environment developed with fantastic precision, have their own characters who are often famous in their own right, and of course, a wonderful story behind them. As a cosplayer, you not only have to strive to resemble the character, you also have to bring it to life with its own gestures, speech, and behavior.

In the list below, we’ve collected the 25 most impressive cosplays we’ve found on the subject of Final Fantasy XIV on the internet. While there are a lot of factors to decide what makes a cosplay good, I think that a first-time reaction of “oh, it’s actually a screenshot of the game” is the biggest one of them!

It was hard to put together just 25 of these because we know there are hundreds of similarly beautiful creations, but we’re sending a huge virtual heart to those Final Fantasy XIV cosplayers who for some reason didn’t get here on this list, because they deserve recognition for their persistent work too. They create such beautiful things while I dressed as a monkey at the school carnival🙈…

Alisaie & Alphinaud Leveilleur by JailBait Cosplay

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Facebook: JailBait Cosplay
Instagram: Firiless
DeviantArt: Firiless

Astrologian by Princess Noire

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Facebook: Noire’s Cosplay
Instagram: Noire’s Cosplay

Aymeric by NipahDUBS

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Facebook: NipahDUBS
Instagram: NipahDUBS
Website: NipahDUBS
Patreon: NipahDUBS
Twitter: NipahDUBS
Twitch: NipahDUBS
YouTube: NipahDUBS

Black Mage Miqo’te by Caelynx Art & Cosplay

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Facebook: Caelynx Art & Cosplay
Instagram: Caelynx
Twitch: Caelynx
Twitter: Caelynx Cosplay
Discord: Caelynx’s Channel
YouTube: Caelynx

Dancer by Hella Casual

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Facebook: Hella Casual

Dragoon by IBlue Cosplay

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Facebook: IBlue Cosplay
Twitter: IBlue Cosplay

Garuda by Lisa Lou Who

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Facebook: Lisa Lou Who
Instagram: Lisa Lou Who
Patreon: Lisa Lou Who
Twitter: Lisa Lou Who

G’raha Tia by capnperfecthair

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Tumblr: capnperfecthair
Instagram: capnperfecthair
Twitter: OiNoya

Kan-E-Senna by TifaIA Cosplay

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Facebook: TifalA Cosplay
Instagram: TifalA
Website: Blog
DeviantArt: TifalA
Twitter: TifalA

Livia sas Junius by vaxzone

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DeviantArt: vaxzone
Website: Blog

Lyse by Murmeltierchen Cosplay

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Facebook: Night Owl Shiva
Instagram: Night Owl Shiva
Twitter: Night Owl Shiva

Machinist & Astrologian by Aicosu Cosplay

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: Aicosu
Website: Aicosu
Gumroad: Aicosu
Twitter: Aicosu

Miqo’te by Ainis Cosplay

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Facebook: Ainis Cosplay

Miqo’te Bard by Malindachan Cosplay

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Facebook: Malindachan Cosplay
Instagram: Malinda Mathis
Ko-fi: Malindachan
Twitter: Malindachan
Twitch: Malindachan

Omega F by Ridill

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Opaline Armor by Aicosu Cosplay

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: Aicosu
Website: Aicosu
Gumroad: Aicosu
Twitter: Aicosu

Red Mage by Lorien’s Cosplay

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Facebook: Lorien’s Cosplay
Instagram: Lorien
Twitter: Lorien
Ko-fi: Lorien
Reddit: Lorien

Ryne & Gaia by HIBICA.cos

Photo took by Lumina

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Facebook: HIBICA.cos
Instagram: HIBICA.cos
Photographer: Lumina

Scholar Armor by Shiaya Costumes

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Facebook: Shiaya Costumes
Instagram: Shiaya Costumes
Ko-fi: Shiaya Costumes

Shantotto by Intricatia

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DeviantArt: Intricatia

Storyteller Bard by Malindachan Cosplay

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Facebook: Malindachan Cosplay
Instagram: Malinda Mathis
Ko-fi: Malindachan
Twitter: Malindachan
Twitch: Malindachan

Summoner by Kamui Cosplay

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Facebook: Kamui Cos
Twitter: Kamui Cos
Website: Blog
YouTube: Kamui Cos
Patreon: Kamui Cos
Ko-fi: Kamui Cos

Warrior of Light by Juicy and Wet Cosplay

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Ysayle Dangoulain by Red Fae Cosplay

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Facebook: Red Fae Cosplay
Instagram: Red Fae Cosplay

Zenos Yae Galvus by Sameer Bundela

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Facebook: Sameer Bundela
Instagram: Sameer Bundela
Twitter: Sameer Bundela
YouTube: Sameer Bundela
Twitch: Sameer Bundela

Now we are at the end of our list. Let us know which costume you liked best, or if you have a costume you would like us to see, don’t hesitate to share it with us in a comment!


Grew up in the world of games, studied journalism & programming, so I'm here to unite my passions! Currently a big fan of Black Desert Online and League of Legends. Probably still training horses at BDO.


2 responses to “25 Captivating Final Fantasy XIV Cosplay Costumes”

  1. Lumina says:

    Would nice if you could also credit the photographers.
    I am the photographer of the photo from Ryne & Gaia.

    • Norelly says:

      Hey Lumina,

      Unfortunately, the experience was that when I wrote the article, I did not always find a link to the photographers, so I did not write it in the article. Thank you very much for your comment, I corrected the section on Ryne & Gaia, and of course I wrote you in.

      Have a nice day,

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