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Apex Legends - Best Custom Crosshairs

In every FPS game, you simply can’t play as well without finding the perfect crosshair for yourself. In that case, you might be in search of the Best Custom Crosshairs for Apex Legends. There are a lot of choices. Some are from legendry Apex Legend pros, while others are simply popular for their visuals. We compiled a list of the best ones for you to try out in this article.

Changing Crosshair in Apex Legends

Apex Legends doesn’t provide you with as much versatility as CS:GO or Valorant in crosshair customization. For instance, pro players make their own custom crosshairs in Valorant to suit their unique playstyles. In Apex Legends, you can’t change the shape of your crosshair. Instead, you can fully customize the color combination of your custom crosshair.

You might ask, how do custom crosshairs in Apex Legends make your gameplay better? Every person has a specific color that is more appealing and pops out to them. Sticking to the same default one will slowly push you back. Yet, changing it to suit your mood and visibility will improve your overall experience in the game.

Most beginners have difficulty finding the settings for Apex Legends Crosshair. So, before letting you in on the settings for the best custom crosshairs for Apex Legends, we will discuss the various methods through which you can change the crosshair.

Remember that the in-game settings only provide you with RGB code from 0 to 255. To get the number negative or beyond 255, you must follow the Origin or Steam Method outlined below.

Changing Crosshair Colors from In-Game Settings

The game does provide an in-game setting to change the crosshair, but it’s not that easy to find unless you look at all the configuration options in detail.

  • Simply open the Apex Legends Launcher
  • Go to the Settings Menu
  • From there, find the Game Settings Option
  • Go down in that option and find “Reticle” written
  • Click on “Customize,” and you will find a bunch of Color choices from developers alongside a setting to change yourself
  • Slide the Color bars or enter your RGB Color code to get the crosshair.

It is limited to default RGB values from 0 to 255. You can’t use a code bigger than 255 or smaller than 0 (negative values). For that, go to the second method.

crosshair settings for cyan target

Changing from Origin/Steam Settings

  • Launch Origin
  • Go to the Game Library
  • Grab your mouse and right-click on the game Apex Legends
  • Further move to the Properties section of the game
  • Hover over Advanced Launch Options
  • Now, enter the Crosshair/Reticle code like (+reticle_color “C C C”). Here, you have to change the “C C C” with RGB Code.
  • Finally, save the settings to get the crosshair.

Origin settings for best crosshair in apex legends

The same Settings are applied when you have to change the crosshair from Steam.

What are color values outside of the 0-255 range?

Color values outside the standard RGB 0-255 range allow you to add exciting effects, such as neon glow, to your custom crosshair in Apex Legends.

Best Custom Crosshairs for Apex Legends Players

Below you will find all the Best Custom Crosshairs for Apex Legends. We mentioned some favorites of Pro Apex Legends Players, some of which are really good to try out in-game.

Lime Green Crosshair (Used by ACEU)

green reticle in Apex Legends

ACEU is considered one of the best Apex Legends players out there. He streams under the team NRG and works very hard to build the name of NRG in the gaming community. Amongst the best crosshairs in Apex Legends, ACEU uses that lime green color. We really like how it pops visually and stands out well against the background.

The color itself is very different and doesn’t match anything or any other prominent game color. Still, you will notice this bright and unique lime green color which makes it easy to aim and not many public players use this color.

Some of the benefits of using this color are:

  • Unique color
  • Prominent on Screen

The Color Code for this Crosshair is “116 255 116”

Red Crosshair (Used by iitzTimmy)

iitzTimmy Crosshair Settings

This Apex Legends pro player doesn’t need an introduction. iitzTimmy played for the Golden Guardian team and has one of the most significant Apex Legends-based streams.

In Apex Legends, he uses a simple red-colored crosshair. You simply can’t beat the simplicity, and in most FPS games, pro players use the same red color because it’s a natural symbol of danger, and you somehow feel quick reflexive towards enemies.

Some of the benefits of using this color are:

  • Makes Aim Better
  • Good for Practice
  • The standard color most people are used to

The RGB Color Code for this Crosshair is “255, 16, 16”

Neon Blue (Used by Sweetdreams)

Like ACEU, Sweetdreams is considered one of the best Apex Legends players and plays under the team NRG. Mostly, people like to use a single dark color like dark blue, yellow, red, etc. Here we have the crosshair of Sweetdreams. He uses a neon blue color.

It is one of the most unique crosshairs in the whole industry as it also makes your aim exceptionally easy to spot.

Some of the benefits of using this color are:

  • Enhances the aim of particular weapon scopes
  • Glows gives a prominent aim

The Color Code for this Crosshair is “-200, 250, 1250” (You will have to use the Origin Method to apply this crosshair)

Neon Orange

Neon blue configuration for aiming in Apex Legends

Neon orange is considered one of the public favorites because it brings in a mix of yellow and red with a combination of neon. That glow with orange looks incredible as it is easily visible in dark situations. Unlike simple yellow, which hides in sunlight, neon orange is visible. Most people love to use the yellow or orange colored crosshair but can’t because of their visibility issues. So, it is an excellent option for those people.

Some of the benefits of using this color are:

  • Combination of various colors
  • Shiny look to it

The Color Code for this Crosshair is “1255, 255, -255” (You will have to use the Origin Method to apply this crosshair)

Teal Crosshair

Teal crosshair config

A natural beauty – the teal-colored crosshair looks mesmerizing in situations. There is that light and dark shade to it at the same time. When you are in a dark environment, it gets more prominent. Yet, when it comes to a light situation it doesn’t hurt the eyes. Just like the neon blue, it has that glow to it.

Some of the benefits of using this color are;

  • Looks beautiful
  • It doesn’t hurt the eyes

The Color Code for this Crosshair is “16, 255, 203”

Magenta Crosshair

Cool Magenta Aiming Target for Players of the Game Apex Legends

This is the king of all prominent crosshairs. Magenta might not be a favorite of everyone because of that sharp color mix, but it does indicate to you exactly where your aim is. This custom crosshair color also works in every situation, whether it’s dark, light, or has a similar tone to it. All in one, a great crosshair if you are sometimes lost on your aim.

Some of the benefits of using this color are:

  • Works in every situation
  • Exceptional in dark conditions and prominent overall

The Color Code for this Crosshair is “255, 80, 220”

Light Pink Color Crosshair in Apex Legends

Light Pink Color Configuration Options Specified in the Origin Settings

This color choice is a soothing experience for your eyes. The light pink color crosshair is also an attractive option that doesn’t compensate for the prominence. If you have an issue with dark crosshairs like Magenta but love it, pink will be your best friend. There is a pink neon glow that adds a plus point altogether.

Some of the benefits of using this color are:

  • Soothing to eyes
  • Looks beautiful
  • Prominent in situations

The Color Code for this Crosshair is “1020, 510, 765” (You will have to use the Origin Method to apply this crosshair)

Neon Purple Crosshair

Neon Purple Glowing Crosshair in Apex Legengds

It might sound strange, but the neon purple crosshair looks like a cross between Magenta and light pink (neon). It is one of the best custom crosshairs for Apex Legends because of that vibrant color. It is bright, but it doesn’t mess up with eyes, unlike some on our list here. For that reason, it is a personal favorite and doesn’t blend in an environment in any condition.

Some of the benefits of using this crosshair are:

  • Vibrant colors
  • It doesn’t irritate the eyes
  • It doesn’t blend in with the environment

The Color Code for this Crosshair is “1255, 255, 1255” (You will have to use the Origin Method to apply this crosshair)

White Crosshair

simple white crosshair option settings

This is maybe the most popular crosshair as many pros and amateur players use it. It is visible, doesn’t irritate anyone, and works very well with weapon scopes. The only issue with this crosshair is that Apex Legends is an open-world game with different scenarios where light can sometimes make it hard to see. At that time, you will have issues with the visibility of the white custom crosshair.

Some of the benefits of using this color are:

  • A simple crosshair
  • It doesn’t irritate the eyes
  • It works like a charm with all weapon scopes

The Color Code for this Crosshair is “255, 255, 255”

Tips for Testing the Best Custom Crosshairs for Apex Legends

There are many reasons players love Apex Legends. One is that the developers have thought of almost everything. If you want to just test something out, including your new custom crosshair colors in Apex Legends, check out the Firing Range.

You can use this practice range to check out various things in the game ranging from movement, aim, weapons, crosshair, etc. If you don’t know how to enter the firing range, simply go to the main menu, and on the bottom left, there is an option. Click on it to see various game modes. On the top left, there is an option named Firing Range. Click on it to enter.

Various playable options are there to try out. Simply put the code we mentioned for various crosshairs and check them out. Move into different situations like dark areas, light areas, close range, long-range, and running. Pop some heads on the practice boards to check out whether it will work out. You can put your crosshair on the head and move along while following that head. In this way, you can check the best crosshair for you.


In every FPS game, you have to change the settings to perfect the crosshair for your aim. Apex Legends only allows you to change the color of your crosshair without changing its shape. Yet, it makes a lot of difference in-game. We simply can’t pick a single crosshair and say it is best, as it depends on your personal preference.

To help make things effortless for you, we provided you with the best colors for custom crosshairs in Apex Legends to give you something cool to check out. Keeping in mind that the game options are limited, and to have the absolute custom colored crosshair, you will have to write the code on Origin/Steam. If you don’t know how to change the Reticle/Crosshair settings in Apex Legends, we have various methods to try out and tips to pick the best crosshair for yourself.

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