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Apex Legends Revenant Guide - Lore, Abilities & Best Gun Loadouts

Revenant is a Legend that’s a hybrid between support and offense, his skills are perfect for helping out his team but himself as well.
His tactical is Silence which as the name suggest silences the abilities of enemy Legends.

His passive Stalker allows him to climb walls higher and doubles his crouching speed, and his ultimate Death Totem is a an object that once placed, can be interacted by anyone and it gives an extra layer of health for a short period of time protecting players from getting knocked.

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Revenant Lore

Revenant, Synthetic Nightmare, Apex Legends

Revenant, Synthetic Nightmare, Apex Legends

Gender: Male
Heirloom: Dead Man’s Curve
Voice Actor: Darin De Paul (@DarinDePaul)

Revenant used to be human. He used to be the greatest hitman the Mercenary Syndicate ever had. He used to look in the mirror and see his human face looking back. Then one day, he finally saw what he had become at the hands of the Mercenary Syndicate and Hammond Robotics: a walking nightmare of steel and vestigial flesh.

The simulacrum Revenant first booted up in 2420, though it took another twenty years for the robotic shell to function properly, after which he was delivered to the Syndicate for their use. For three centuries Revenant has been an agent of death for the Syndicate, type the name of the target and a day later they’re dead and when Revenant himself dies, his masters resurrected him again and again, snatching him from death’s embrace and programming him to forget.

But one day, after killing Marcos and Alanza Andrade, he looked at a mirror and finally saw himself for what he had become. He swore that he would hunt down every last person who did this to him, but more than two centuries have passed, and they’re all gone… or so he thought.

The return of Hammond Robotics to the Outlands has renewed his thirst for vengeance, he snuck on their facilities, trying find out more about himself. When an interview with Forge, a legend sponsored by Hammond, was conducted in World’s Edge he went there and killed him. He wasn’t the first nor would he be the last, for he won’t stop until anybody connected to Hammond is dead. Of course, he doesn’t mind eviscerating a few of the Legends along the way. He used to need a reason to kill… but he’s not that man anymore.

Revenant Abilities Guide

Tactical Ability – Silence

Silence Tactical
Cooldown 25 seconds
Description Throw a device
that deals damage
and disables
enemy abilities
for 20 seconds.
  • The device explodes on contact and leaves a lingering cloud for 10 seconds.
  • Has 2 charges.
  • Getting hit either directly or by walking into the cloud deals 10 damage and disables tactical and ultimate abilities.
    • This only prevents enemies from activating the abilities. Abilities already in use are not affected, excluding abilities such as Gibraltar’sGun Shield , Lifeline’sCombat Revive, and Pathfinder’sGrappling Hook, Valkyrie’sVTOL Jets.
  • You can throw this and use other items (Reloading, Healing, etc.) at the same time, as each take only one hand.
  • When it explodes against a door, the cloud moves with the face of the door when people open it.
  • Silencing a Wraith while she’s placing herDimensional Rift will cancel the ult. Wraith will be able to use it again once the silence runs out.
  • The device can be shot down by Wattson’sInterception Pylon.
  • Throwing this at a Caustic’sNox Gas Traps will set the trap(s) off.
  • You can throw this device and aFrag Grenade at the same time. Use this to ambush an enemy and gain a huge upper hand.
  • You can use this as an area of denial to block a path for 10 seconds such as a doorway, stairs, etc. This can potentially buy you some time to pop a heal or revive a knockdown teammate.
  • If you’re going through Wraith’sDimensional Rift portal and know you’re about to be pushed, throw Silence on it to catch the enemies off guard and instantly damage and disable their abilities that chase you through it.
  • If you look directly up and shoot your Silence in the air, it’ll come down 4 seconds later landing directly on you. Combine this technique with aFrag Grenade for a devastating surprise.
  • You can cancel his tactical by climbing any climbable surface.


How to Use Silence

Silence works in a similar way grenades do but the arch is slightly different, you can hold your tactical button and an arc will appear priming your device.

You can only cancel Silence with a melee strike.

Silence is a very useful skill for offense but for defense as well, you can use it in combination with shooting or throwing grenades, plus Revenant has two charges so you can use the second one to be more aggressive or fall back after a knock and use it defensively so you can heal.

You can use Silence in small paths, doorways or choke points since when it hits the ground it creates an area of effect damaging and silencing any opponent who goes through it.

It lasts for 10 seconds so that’s enough time to heal, revive or strategize for a counter attack.

Do not expect that this will always work though, some enemies will come inside regardless and will try to knock you out so don’t just assume you are safe.

This tactical is very useful for countering other offensive legends who have skills that can help them escape like Wraith, Mirage, Octane and Pathfinder.

Even though it can be a good counter against those Legends you should always prioritize silencing Lifeline first because of her Combat Revive Passive.

You can also deactivate Gibraltar’s Gun Shield, so as you can understand Revenant can become a very useful asset if played right.

You can aim down the sights while you hold your tactical button making it easier to aim where you want to throw your Silence.

When in fights use your Silence all the time because not only your enemies will be unable to use their tactical but also paints them with a red aura making them easy to distinguish.

Passive Ability – Stalker

Stalker Passive
Cooldown N/A
Description You crouch
walk faster
and can climb
walls higher.
  • Revenant’s crouch-walking speed is the same as his walking speed.
  • Revenant can climb walls 2 times as high as a normal Legend [about 10-11 meters]. He can also climb shorter walls 25% faster because it takes longer for his climbing speed to decelerate.
  • Use this to outflank enemy squads or ambush squads in high buildings, if your team is attacking in one direction try to use this to attack from the side.
  • Crouch ADS strafing is faster than normal strafing and makes your hitbox smaller.
  • All legends make minial noise in a crouch. Use this and your extra speed to confuse enemies and shake them off your tail.
  • With many weapons, crouching can increase accuracy. Use this to have increased accuracy at the same time as strafe speed.
  • While healing, use this passive to give you more mobility. It will also make you move faster than if you were standing up.


How to use Stalker

Stalker allows you to move at your walking speed while crouching making Revenant a perfect flanker or cause confusion to enemies by walking away while crouched and reposition elsewhere.

It also allows him to climb faster and higher than other legends which creates more opportunities to push on enemies, break off your team faster and provide supportive fire, knock or confuse enemies in general.

While crouching your hip fire accuracy is slightly improved which gives Revenant the upper hand in close up fights.

Strafing while crouching with LMGs and hip firing is a very solid tactic and might get you the kill easier.

Ultimate Ability – Death Totem

Death Totem Ultimate
Charge Time 180 seconds
Description Drop a totem
that protects
users from
of getting
killed or
you will
return to
the totem.
  • The totem takes 1 second to create, lasts 30 seconds, and it has 100 Health.
  • When Death Protection is about to end you, your squad and all nearby enemies will hear an audio cue.
  • Any player will be slowed briefly after being recalled to the Death Totem.
  • Both squadmates and enemies can use the totem one time each to turn themselves into a shadow for 30 seconds.
    • The Death Totem’s default 30-second timer is extended by whoever is the last person to become a shadow. When that person’s shadow form ends, so will the totem.
    • Shadows can’t use healing items, and all received damage ignores theirBody Shields.
    • When a shadow is killed, other players see a short whispy red trail providing an approximative clue where the totem is placed and the shadow returns to the totem with 50 HP (or whatever health they had when they activated it, if lower).
  • You can use enemy death totems.
  • Players cannot use Wraith’sDimensional Rift for two seconds after returning to the totem.
  • While in shadow form, you’re immune to the following:
    • Hammerpoint Hop Up as the increased damage to unshielded targets doesn’t apply to shadows.
    • Crypto’sDrone EMP as shields cannot be damaged as a shadow.
  • Unlike other placeable ultimates, the totem doesn’t preview where it will go before you place it.
  • Recharge your shields before activating the totem on yourself.
  • Make sure you have Health before using the death totem. Any damage you take in shadow form mode is based on your health bar and not your shield bar.
  • If you’re killed in shadow form, the first thing you should do is pop aMed Kit or Phoenix Kit if you forgot to heal beforehand.
  • In shadow form, you’ll want to be as aggressive as you possibly can be because you got nothing to lose. Try to get as much damage in as you can in the 30 seconds you have on the timer. Thirst knockdown enemies as fast as possible since you won’t be punished for it if you’re killed.
  • Avoid placing the totem in the open, as it can be easily destroyed.
  • While in shadow form, if you use Finishers, you’ll completely refill your Body Shield.svg Body Shield at the end even though you cannot heal in this form.
  • Be aware of enemy Caustics as theirNox Gas Trap bypasses shields if you’re caught returning to the totem. Try to look around for any enemy Caustic before placing the totem.
  • Sometimes you can enter shadow form and use the Death Totem as small cover if you’re in the open.
  • Enter shadow form mode if you want to take the risk of reviving a knocked down teammate or making risky Respawn Beacon plays.
  • Place the totem on high ground places or platforms, so you can prepare to drop down and go crazy without worrying about any enemies getting to your totem’s location.
  • When you are low on time with the Death Totem and you need to go back for health or for team support, try standing still and letting the enemies kill you, sending you back to the Death Totem.
  • In shadow form you are immune to Hammerpoint damage and Crypto’sEMP.

How to Use Death Totem

Death Totem is a double edged sword meaning that not only you but your enemies can use it as well, for this reason try placing them in spots where it will be harder for the team you are pushing but also for any other lurking squad to use it.

Death Totem has 100 HP and can be destroyed easily so look for cover and place it somewhere that will be safe.

Let your team know when you’re going to use it so they don’t push before your ultimate.

Be careful when your Death Totem Protection is depleted as you leave a trail back to it when you are teleported back.

Using it in high places gives you the advantage after returning to the totem because it will make it harder for the enemy to follow your totem trail.

If you are fighting 1 vs 1 after you return to the totem you should push as fast as you can and go for the knockdown.

Sometimes when you are in the open you can use your Death Totem as a temporary cover but don’t expect much out of it.

Another way of using Revenant’s Death Totem is like a teleport device, for example your teammate pushed a squad by himself and you need to get the banner, you can place it from a distance use it and run to the death box.
After that you need to die in order to be teleported back and get away from the enemy squad.

Keep in mind that once your Death Protection starts to end the enemies will know because of the audio cue that plays just before it’s over, and you will be slowed when you are recalled back to the Death Totem.

Best Weapon Loadouts For Revenant

R-301 Carbine, Magma, Apex Legends

R-301 Carbine, Magma, Apex Legends

Mastiff Shotgun/EVA-8 Auto& R-301 Carbine/VK-47 Flatline

This is one of the most standard issue load outs for any offensive Legend and for Revenant it’s no exception.

The Mastiff and EVA-8 are perfect for him because of his ultimate and his passive, while the R-301 and Flatline are solid options for mid range combat engagements.

Revenant is a player that requires you to be very mobile so depending on you and the enemy’s positioning you have to decide which weapon to use first, if they are close to you it’s best to start off with the shotguns and after emptying the mags switch to your rifles.

If they are far enough you can initiate with the rifles and go closer in for the kill with the shotguns, but don’t forget to use your ultimate beforehand.

The EVA-8 can equip the “Double Tap” Hop Up which makes it shoot two times with one click.

The best scopes for R-301 and Flatline are the 2x HCOG Bruiser or the 1x-2x Variable Holo and the 3x HCOG Ranger could be useful on them as well.

NOTE: The “Double Tap” Hop Up has been removed from the loot pool for Season 8.

NOTE: The “Anvil Receiver” Hop Up has returned to the loot pool for Season 8.

NOTE: Peacekeeper is back on Season 9 and is a good equivalent for the Mastiff or EVA-8.

NOTE: The “Anvil Receiver” Hop Up is vaulted for Season 10.

P2020/Mozambique Shotgun & M600 Spitfire/


This combo takes advantage of Revenant’s crouch strafing as it’s perfect for abusing his passive while hip firing.

The amount of ammo Spitfire and L-Star use are almost guaranteed to get you one knockdown while the P2020 and the Mozambique are useful for finishing off any remaining stragglers.

The P2020 is practically useless without the “Hammerpoint” Hop Up which allows it to deal more damage to enemies without shields, so be sure to find one as fast as you can, as for scopes the 1x Digital Threat, 1x HCOG Classic or a 1x Holo could be very useful for it.

The Mozambique on the other hand became a very powerful weapon which can even rival the Wingman sometimes.

As for the L-Star all you need is a Standard Stock a1x HCOG Classic, a 2x HCOG Bruiser, a 1x-2x Variable Holo which can also be used by the Spitfire but 3x HCOG Ranger is a good option as well.

NOTE: The “Hammerpoint” Hop Up has been removed for Season 9.

R-99/ Volt SMG/ Prowler SMG/Wingman & G7 Scout/ Triple Take

This load out is mostly dependable on your aim so if you are confident you should go with the Wingman and the G7 Scout.

If you believe your aim still needs work then you should go with the Prowler and the Triple Take.

Prowler is great for close range and hip fire, and with Revenant’s passive it can be very useful.

It can equip a “Select Fire” Hop Up for full auto fire mode and the best optics for it are the 1x HCOG Classic and the 1x Digital Threat which are also best suited for the Wingman.

It can also equip the“Skullpiercer Rifling” Hop up has returned in to the loot pool and deals 2x to 2.25x Headshot Damage.

The G7 Scout can equip a “Double Tap” like the EVA-8, but on the other hand the Triple Take has its “Precision Choke” Hop Up built in which reduces the spread of the shots dealing more damage in longer range.

The G7 Scout can equip all scopes except sniper scopes but the best ones are the 2x HCOG Bruiser and the 3x HCOG Ranger.

The Triple Take can equip all of them but the most recommended are the 6x Sniper, the 4x-8x Variable Sniper and the 4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat.

NOTE: Since the Prowler SMG has been out of the floor loot and into the Care Package loot you can switch it up with the R-99 or the Volt SMG.

NOTE: After Season 7 a new hop up for the Wingman has been introduced, it is called “Quickdraw Holster” Hop Up which increases the speed of your ADS, Weapon Swap, and reduces Hip Fire spread.

NOTE: The “Double Tap” Hop Up has been removed from the loot pool for Season 8.

NOTE: The “Skullpiercer” has been removed for Season 9.

NOTE: The Triple Take has been entered in the Care Package Rotation a good weapon to replace it is the newly added Bocek Compound Bow (Which can take two Hop Ups, “Shatter Caps” allowing your weapon to work like a shotgun and “Deadeye’s Tempo” that increases the rate of fire of your weapon when you firing at the perfect moment.

NOTE: The “Quickdraw Holster” Hop Up has been vaulted for Season 10 and is replaced by the Boosted Loader” Hop Up which can be equipped by Wingman and Hemlok, this new hop up features a reload function that adds more ammo in the weapon if the player chooses to reload it before near the end of the magazine but not at 0.

How to play Revenant

Revenant, Deathproof, Apex Legends

Revenant, Deathproof, Apex Legends

Revenant is a lurker, he is a Legend that doesn’t have to be too close to his team all the time and that’s because of his skillset.

His passive is basically very advantageous for him but if he is close to his team their sound will give him away as well, so one of the things you have to manage when you play with him is to stay around your team close enough to help and not too far as that could be dangerous.

His passive allows him to move with the same speed as when you are walking, making him perfect for sneaking up on unsuspecting enemies and he can climb higher allowing him to make plays that aren’t possible by other Legends, except well some that have skills for reaching high places like Pathfinder or Loba but they have to use their tactical to make it happen, Revenant just… does it.

His tactical although a bit hard to master is one of the best in the game, it gives Revenant the ability to silence enemies restricting them from using any of their skills and not only that but it paints them with a red aura which makes them very easy to be seen but it doesn’t end here.

Whenever you throw your tactical an area of effect is formed on the surface it comes into contact with and stays there for 10 seconds and if an enemy goes through it they get hit for 10 damage and they are also silenced.

By the way, if the projectile hits an enemy they lose 10 HP as well.

His ultimate Death Totem is very useful for him and his team, just be careful on the placement and be sure that wherever you place it, it will be covered or hidden and has a reasonable distance from the enemy.

The Death Totem has 100 HP which means it can be destroyed easily in open areas.

One creative way to use it is to place it on higher ground and when you activate and push your enemy, while you fight you should try and make it so you are facing the totem behind them.

The reason behind this is the trail the players leave after their Death Totem Protection has been depleted, leading them back to it and if you fight an enemy with the totem behind you it will make it a lot easier for them to track you down and finish you off.

That’s why when you get back to the Totem you should push immediately at your enemies especially if they are left with low HP, because they will probably be healing, recharging shields or might be running away.

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