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17 Best Yakuza 0 Mods

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Yakuza 0 has to be one of the greatest action RPGs ever made, but with a list of the best mods, you can take your gaming experience to new heights and further enhance the game’s brilliance.

Yakuza 0 stands as the ultimate entry point into the series, delving into the compelling backstory of Majima Goro and introducing the finest rendition of Kazuma Kiryu. With its enthralling narrative and addictive, well-crafted combat system, it is one of the greatest beat’em ups to date.

These handpicked Yakuza 0 mods guarantee an unparalleled playthrough, ensuring you make the most of your time with the game. Enjoy every moment with this thoughtfully curated list of the best Yakuza 0 mods!

Table of Contents

Essential Yakuza 0 Mods

The best Yakuza 0 mods you need.

Ryu Mod Manager (RMM)

Author: SutandoTsukai181

Before proceeding with the selection of the finest Yakuza 0 mods, it is imperative to have the Ryu Mod Manager (RMM) installed. Created by SutandoTsukai181, this mod is an essential requirement, as certain other mods may not function optimally without its presence.

Yakuza 0 Straight To Menu

Author: ParallaxError

Should you find yourself fatigued from encountering the intro every time you launch the game, worry not! ParallaxError’s mod will come to your rescue, enabling you to bypass this sequence. Just remember that the RMM mod must be installed for this functionality to work properly.

Yakuza 0 Dragon Engine Reshade

Author: OrnixBeartrex

If love the aesthetics found in Yakuza Kiwami 2 and Yakuza 6, Orni X’s mod attempts to emulate the graphic style of these two games. To ensure the finest experience, it is highly advisable to first download the Yakuza 0 HD Project before jumping into this mod.

Yakuza 0 HD Project

Author: OrnixBeartrex

Orni X’s mod is a comprehensive visual improvement that meticulously enhances every aspect of the game, from the streets of Kamurocho to public save points, movie posters, and more. To enjoy its benefits, ensure the RMM mod and the Yakuza 0 Dragon Engine Reshade mod are installed for proper functionality.

Yakuza 0 All Annoying CP completed

Author: Dogistan

If the task of hunting down CP (Completion Points) and playing Mahjong mini-games feels daunting, Dogistan’s save file can be your solution to bypass these challenges. For additional details, head to the mod page link provided. This mod is only meant for completionists and achievement hunters. If you’re a casual gamer, you may not need it.

Yakuza 0 Legend Style Fix


With ibldzn’s clever trick, you no longer have to interrupt your game session with a pause to switch to the Legend Style for combat. This technique enables you to effortlessly transition in and out of the style, making it exceptionally convenient for those who prefer fast-paced combat. Definitely one of the best Yakuza 0 mods.

Y0 New Movesets and Heat Actions

Author: ruff and uploaded by gennadich2

If you’ve completed Yakuza 0 and desire a refreshing New Game Plus experience, ruff’s mod introduces a variety of new move sets and heat actions inspired by various beat’em up series. Remember to have the RMM mod and the Yakuza 0 Legend Style Fix installed for this mod to work as intended.

The Exactions Mod

Author: machinegunkiss221

For avid Judgment fans, this mod is the cherry on top of the best Yakuza 0 mods. It completely revamps the combat style in the game, incorporating various movesets and QTEs from the Judgment franchise, along with additional content from Yakuza-related games.

Yakuza 0 Rebalanced Mod

Author: TOYSIPO2

This mod is the ultimate choice for an unparalleled Yakuza 0 experience. One of its finest additions is the capacity to customize the entire game’s combat system, restoring unused skills and more. For instance, if you find the game too easy, this mod can slightly increase the difficulty, ensuring enemies possess more power to truly challenge your skills. Moreover, if you’ve recently completed the game and seek a fresh New Game Plus, don’t hesitate to grab this mod.

More Enemy HP

Author: MiaTaylorMusic

MiaTaylorMusic’s mod speaks for itself and needs no further introduction. As the title suggests, it delivers exactly what you want. If you seek enemies that take longer to defeat and crave the ultimate challenge, simply install this mod and prepare for the best challenge of your life!

Additional Yakuza 0 Mods

The best Yakuza 0 mods you may not have asked for, but you may interested at.

Yakuza 0 Vergil’s Awakening Special Edition

Author: Emergince

I need more… Yakuza!

In pursuit of greater power (Yakuza style!), Vergil’s life took an unexpected twist as he ventured into the bustling streets of Kamurocho, unleashing his skills to vanquish every thug in his path. This mod, utilizing Vergil’s texture model from Devil May Cry 3 and incorporating several movesets from Devil May Cry 4, epitomizes pure awesomeness.

Modern Minimap

Author: OrnixBeartrex

For a fresh perspective on Kamurocho, look no further than Orni X’s mod, which features new Minimap icons. The best part is that this mod operates independently and doesn’t require any other mods to function properly.

Judge Eyes Majima

Author: 2vio

The cool Mad Dog of Shimano

Perhaps Yagami is a devoted fan of Majima Goro, or maybe it’s the other way around? Whichever the case, with this mod, you can now roam the streets as Majima Goro, dressed in Yagami’s outfit.

Minecraft Steve

Author: 2vio

Like A…Minecraft?

In a nutshell, this mod lets you play as Steve from the acclaimed Minecraft game while embodying the powerful Yakuza persona as you roam the streets.

Kiwami Kiryu ’88

Author: 2vio

2vio’s mod is an extensive overhaul that alters almost all of Kiryu’s original models and outfits with newer ones, closely resembling the likeness seen in Kiwami 1.

Kiwami Majima ’88

Author: 2vio

The author of the previous mod (2vio) has also created the Kiwami Majima 88 mod. Just like its counterpart, this mod swaps all of Goro Majima’s models to reflect his appearance from Kiwami and subsequent games.

Infinite Durability And Bullets For All Equippable Weapons

Author: Biggelskog

With this mod, Yakuza 0 can easily transform from a beat’em up game into a hack and slash or even a third-person shooter experience. This mod proves especially beneficial when facing formidable foes like Mr. Shakedown and other powerful bosses you’ll encounter throughout the game.

That’s it for the best Yakuza 0 Mods. Thank you for reading.

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