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20 Best The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Mods (Wii U)

Fans have been actively modding Breath of the Wild ever since its release. This was made possible by the emulation community through Cemu, which was later ported to the Wii u and Switch communities. However, using an emulator is still the best way to play mods because console modding lacks many features that you can get on a PC.

Today, we’re here to provide you with a list of the best mods ever made, including graphic mods, DLC mods, weapons mods, Reskin mods, and a ton more. So bear with us as we explore the lovely BOTW modding community.

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Hyrule Rebalance

GameBanana link:

Hyrule Rebalance is what I would refer to as an all-in-one mod; it changes every aspect of the game to make it more balanced across the board, including enemy health, weapon, and item effects, armor upgrades and bonuses, and many more. Additionally, completing a quest may result in greater rewards, breaking open crates may yield more beneficial items, and the Merchant inventory is larger than it is in the standard game. I highly suggest this mod if you want to begin a more rewarding and enjoyable walkthrough in BOTW.

Lynel Mount

GameBanana link:

Have you ever dreamed of mounting a fearsome Lynel as your personal mount? Well, this mod does it for you. The game replaces the Giant Horses with a Lynel which can come in four different colors. Unique animations and a faster sprint to roam Hyrule at ease.

Crafting Project

GameBanana link:

Crafting Project does what Nintendon’t. It offers a complete weapon crafting system, adding a third way to get weapons besides chests and monsters. The player can use in-game materials and newly presented materials like Iron, Coal, Silver, Gold, and many more to craft weapons. The available weapons are Bows, Shields, Swords, and Spears, each of which requires a different set of materials to construct.

Relics of the Past

GameBanana link:

Relics of the past is what I would call an impossible difficulty mod, for players who find the original game too easy believe me this mod will kick your butts. Lynels, Guardians, and even chests pose a threat in this dangerous Hyrule. But do not worry, as this mod generously rewards you by providing a risk vs reward system. If you have already mastered the BOTW way, Relics of the Past might be your next challenge to overcome.

Breath of the Wild: Second Wind

GameBanana link:

Second Wind is another perfect all-in-one mod, this mod is huge and I mean it’s really huge. Developers took the time to add tremendous content to the game and even fixed some bugs. The new content includes quests, new areas, new materials, a whole bunch of new dungeons, new bosses encounter and so much more. If you want to check the full mod description by the developers click the link below.

Classic Weapons Pack

GameBanana link:

The classic weapon pack takes inspiration from classic titles like Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. The mod adds a bunch of classic weapons from the old games including the Gilded Sword, the Razor Sword, the Mirror Shield, the Ordon Shield and so much more. If you’re an old Zelda fan, this mod is definitely going to fit your taste.

Playable Mipha

GameBanana link:

This mod adds the ability to play as Mipha the princess of Zora and one of the champions. Although it’s not just a reskin mod. The mod offers an in-depth armor set, facial expressions, faster swim speed, an unbreakable trident and so much more. If you’re a fan of the Zora champion, this mod was made for you my friend!

Monster Weapons Variety

GameBanana link:

If you’re tired of the same weapon set on every monster in BOTW, this mod fixes it for you. The monsters now hold a ton of variable weapons depending on where you hunt them. For example, monsters in the Zora domain have tridents, Goron monsters hold boulder breakers, etc. To be clear, there are no modifications to the monsters themselves; just keep in mind that this mod only changes the weapons used by the monsters.

Malice Link

GameBanana link:

Malice Link Armor mod is the result of the brilliant community imagination, ever wondered what Link would look like if he got overwhelmed with malice, this mod does it for you. I mean it’s not much just a simple reskin but the result is quite beautiful. After installing the mod the armor could be bought at the ancient oven cherry just like any other ancient gear armor and weapon.

Stasis Enhancement

Nexusmods link:

The stasis enhancement mod gives the Stasis feature a whole new depth. You can resize monsters, NPCs, animals, and even objects like boulders and weapons. To be honest, the modifier is not necessary. But if you want a good laugh, playing with the modifier can produce some hilarious results.

Zelda’s Ballad

GameBanana link:

As the title shows, this mod allows you to revisit the whole game starring our beloved princess Zelda. The mod includes a reworked design of Princess Zelda, a female voice-over, reworked armor to fit the female body, different hairstyles and so much more. If you ever wondered what BOTW would look like with playable Zelda this mod might give you a glance.

Wearable Lantern, Brighter Lights & Darker Nights

GameBanana link:

This mod allows the player to experience a more accurate and realistic night and day cycle. The day is brighter while nights are darker, the game also adds the ability to wear and hold a lantern to find your way during the night. The mod is also part of the Survival of the Best project holding many other mods.

Pet The Dogs

GameBanana link:

As simple as it gets this mod finally lets you pet the dogs in the game. You can approach the dog and pet it by pressing the A button. Nothing special here but to be honest this has to be a standard game feature instead of being a mod.

No shield damage from surfing

GameBanana link:

Ever wanted to shield surf without losing your precious shield durability? This mod does it for you, you can surf shield at ease without losing any of your precious shields.

Snowboards of Hyrule 2

GameBanana link:

Snowboards of Hyrule add the ability to own and use snowboards instead of your typical shield. This mod is the second version with more content, up to three different snowboards to choose from and guess what, you can use them as much as you want since the durability is infinite.

Linkle Mod

GameBanana link:

This mod allows you to play the game as Linkle the female warrior from Hyrule Warriors. Most armor where modified to fit her body and Link’s voiceover was totally replaced with hers. If you’re bored with Link’s face a female version might be a nice change.

Phantom Knight Revamped

GameBanana link:

The Phantom Knight armor is one of the greatest sets in BOTW but I need to admit that the look is not that great, the armor looks very bing and wankie on Link’s body. This mod fixes it all, the armor is leaner on the body and you can dye it with any color at the dye shop.

Couch Coop Multiplayer

GameBanana link:

The couch co-op multiplayer mode gives you the opportunity to play the game with up to four friends at the same time. If four players join the game you can share the same screen, but if you want to join the game with only two players you can even experience the game through a split-screen view.

Survival of the Wild

GameBanana link:

Survival of the wild is more like a bundle of mods made into one big mod. This mod turns BOTW into a hardcore survival game. The monsters are tougher, the nights are darker, there is a hunger meter, and you can’t fast travel. If you’re a hardcore survival fan this mod is well worth your time.

The Almighty ReShade Preset

GameBanana link:

If you have a good rig and you want your game to look outstanding, this Reshade mod is the way to go. The mod intends to be more realistic supporting 4K resolution, ray tracing, dynamic lighting, and many more.

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