Published on August 6, 2021
Updated on August 27, 2022

Bless Unleashed Races

Bless Unleashed cuts down on Bless Online’s original faction / race system – that was arguably quite unnecessary and confusing – and instead offers 4 solid races, each one with its own distinct appearance.

The bad news is that each race will offer a limited class selection, so in most cases you won’t have the freedom you’d wanted in terms of separating your aesthetic & gameplay choices.

There are no special attributes offered by these races, so I would suggest you make your choice solely based on the class you want to play.

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Elf, Bless Unleashed Race

Classes: Mage, Ranger
Race Description: Elves once thrived on Lumios, living in splendor as near-immortals under the shade of their great tree, Lily’anthes. After the tree was burned, the newly-mortal Elves scattered across the world. Despite their lost heritage, they are proud descendants of the age of magic, and are recognized for their grace and intelligence.


Human, Bless Unleashed Race

Classes: Crusader, Mage, Priest
Race Description: Humans have proven themselves both stubborn and resourceful since ancient times. Humans are a highly social race and their true strength comes when they band together to forge kingdoms and armies.


Ippin, Bless Unleashed Race

Classes: Crusader, Priest
Race Description: These diminutive outsiders migrated from lands unknown seeking a fresh start on the continent. Inventive and forever curious, the Ippin possess technology ahead of their time.


Varg, Bless Unleashed Race

Classes: Berserker
Race Description: The wolf-like Varg are undisputed masters of the forest, having earned a reputation for being tough and agile hunters. The Varg are peaceful creatures that revere nature’s blessings, but can quickly turn into ferocious beasts when threatened.

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