Published on August 6, 2021
Updated on August 27, 2022

Bless Unleashed Classes

Bless Unleashed is the re-iteration of the… failed experiment Bless Online, and all the original classes have been reworked. In essence, Guardian & Paladin merged into Crusader, and instead of an Assassin, we got a Priest. ?

Fortunately there is no gender-locking in BU, but sadly there is a heavy race-lock. What that means is that only specific races can choose specific classes, so your character’s appearance won’t be a completely separate choice.

Unleashed offers the smallest class variety of any PC MMORPG we’ever seen, so it remains to be seen if they can make up for it “vertically”.

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Berserker, Bless Unleashed Class

Races: Varg
Class Description: Berserkers are fearless warriors who pride themselves on wreaking havoc. Armed with massive two-handed weapons and a love for a good fight, Berserkers rush headlong into battle with little concern for their own well-being.


Crusader, Bless Unleashed Class

Races: Human, Ippin
Class Description: With sword and shield, Crusaders stand as front-line warriors ready to stare down the brunt of enemy attacks. Embracing their code of “honor through sacrifice”, Crusaders never back away from a fight.


Mage, Bless Unleashed Class

Races: Elf, Human
Class Description: Mages are masters of the arcane arts, able to call on the elements to do their bidding. One can only whisper of their formidable power, and yet there are no whispers of where their limits may lie.


Priest, Bless Unleashed Class

Races: Human, Ippin
Class Description: Though they prefer a life of passivity, Priests can call on the power of the divine to defend the helpless. Their awesome powers can both restore and enhance their allies as well as inflict harm on those who would prey on the weak.


Ranger, Bless Unleashed Class

Races: Elf
Class Description: Rangers are expert pathfinders and survivalists who excel in scouting, tracking, and ambushing their prey. They prefer to keep their distance, favoring bow and arrow over sword and shield. Traps and snares are their resources of choice.

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