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RIFT Races & Origins

RIFT’s factions & races – along with most of its mechanics – draw heavy inspiration from World of Warcraft’s races, therefore MMORPG veterans will feel right at home having two unique factions (called Origins in RIFT), each one with specific races, and racial abilities.

In RIFT’s case the racial passives aren’t too important, since each race only gets one active (out of combat) ability, and one passive resistance to one of the elements. It’s mostly complimentary, and you should primarily pick your Race based on aesthetics, but min-maxers should check all the racial abilities listed below, in order to pick the most efficient based on their class choice.

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Origin Description: The Guardians are the chosen of the gods. Brought back from death to save the world from the corruption of the dragons, each Guardian has a great destiny to become a celestial hero.


Dwarf, RIFT Race

Race Description: Dwarves are known for their stolid and pragmatic nature, but are also a curious and creative people, masters of whatever craft they employ.

Dwarf Racial Abilities:

  • Dwarven BreakfastActive (10 minutes cooldown, 0.5 seconds channel) – Restores 8% Health and Mana each second over 13 seconds.
  • Miracle of HammerknellPassive – Water resistance increased by 20.

High Elf

High Elf, RIFT Race

Race Description: The oldest of the races of Telara, the High Elves are the protectors of the land. Wise and skilled, their tranquil nature masks a ruthless dedication to the gods.

High Elf Racial Abilities:

  • Angelic FlightActive (15 seconds cooldown, 30 meters range) – Flies towards the selected area. Cannot be used in combat.
  • Grace of the ForestPassive – Life resistance increased by 20.


Mathosian, RIFT Race

Race Description: Long before it was destroyed by the Shade, cold Mathosia was ever the home of legendary heroes and warriors.

Mathosian Racial Abilities:

  • Motivational RoarActive (2 minutes cooldown) – Increases the movement speed of the Mathosian and nearby group members by 30% for 10 seconds. This ability cannot be used in combat.
  • Legacy of the ShadePassive – Death resistance increased by 20.


Origin Description: Defiants have taken fate into their own hands, turning away from the Vigil to pursue their own
plan. They harness the power of the planes to fuel magical technologies for the defense of Telara.


Bahmi, RIFT Race

Race Description: These exotic tribesmen of the Rhaza’de Canyons are a hospitable race of strong, clever people who excel both in the arts of war and crafts.

Bahmi Racial Abilities:

  • Mighty LeapActive (15 seconds cooldown, 30 meters range) – Leaps at the selected area. Cannot be used in combat.
  • Shalastir HeritagePassive – Air resistance increased by 20.


Eth, RIFT Race

Race Description: The Eth rose up in the deserts of the south. A clever and resourceful race, they have a tradition of taming their environment with magic and technology.

Eth Racial Abilities:

  • AgilityActive (2 minutes cooldown) – Increases movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds. This ability cannot be used in combat.
  • Desert Dweller’s BirthrightPassive – Earth resistance increased by 20.


Kelari, RIFT Race

Race Description: The elves of the lost Kelari isles have been tainted by generations of exposure to raw planar magic. Powerful spiritual mediums, the Kelari are a powerful but somewhat unpredictable race.

Kelari Racial Abilities:

  • CamouflageActive (2 minutes cooldown) – The Kelari transforms into a fox for up to 30 seconds, decreasing the range at which enemies aggro them and despawning any pets the Kelari may have. This ability cannot be used in combat.
  • Legacy of the Fire IslandsPassive – Fire resistance increased by 20.
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