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The Lord of the Rings Online - All Races & Racial Passives

Races in The Lord of the Rings Online stay true to the lore, although we would arguably love to see a greater variety. Hopefully, there’s more than enough flavor in their actual racial passives / traits – as well as their aesthetics – so you can definitely recreate your favorite LOTR character, or of course your fictional Middle Earth impersonation.

In this guide, you will find all the necessary race skills in an easy-to-reference format, which will hopefully make your decision-making easier, and your alt creation that much more accurate!

Make sure to reference the table below for race / class restrictions, as you are not able to create any class with any race in LOTRO. I’m not a fan of gender or race locking, but in this case it’s quite lore-friendly, and not too restrictive.

Man High Elf Dwarf Stout-Axe Hobbit Elf Beorning
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Race Description: Not as long-lived as Elves, sturdy as dwarves, or resilient as hobbits. Men are renowned for their courage and resourcefulness.


Gift of Men

Improved Fate – Men have the greatest destiny of all the Free Peoples.

+ 15 Fate


Diminishing of Mankind

Decreased Will – Men have weaker wills than the other races.

– 7 Will


Easily Inspired

Increased Morale Restoration- Men are more quickly emboldened than the other races.

+ 5% Incoming Healing


Strong Men

Improved Strength – The feats of strength that men such as Boromir could accomplish are worthy of song.

+ 15 Might

High Elf

Race Description: High Elves, those who have beheld the beauty of Valinor and their descendants, possess grace and strength beyond even their woodland kin. Those few who remain yearn to see that Middle- earth is safe to bequeath to Men before they depart for the Undying Lands.


You can unlock High Elves by paying 1,000 LOTRO Points.


Sorrow of the Undying

Reduced Will – You have witnessed the passing of Ages, and still feel the hurts of those lost in the battles of the Elder Days.

– 7 Will


Fading of the Firstborn

Reduced Fate – The time of the Elves in Middle-earth is nearly at its end.

– 7 Fate


Peace of the Eldar

Increased Morale and Morale Regeneration – In times of peace, your vitality and spirit are renewed more swiftly than those of the younger races of the world.

+ 20 Maximum Morale
+ 60 non-Combat Morale Regen


Suffer no Illness

Improved resistance to Disease and Poison – Elves do not suffer illness.

+ 1% Disease Resistance
+ 1% Poison Resistance


Race Description: Dwellers of stone and miners of metal, the dwarves are a doughty folk, resistant to the corruption of the Enemy — but not to greed.



Increased Might and Vitality, improved Common damage mitigation – dwarves are a sturdy race.

+ 15 Might
+ 10 Vitality
+ 1% Common Mitigation



Reduced Agility – dwarves are naturally less agile than the other races.

– 7 Agility


Lost Dwarf-kingdoms

Reduced Fate – the dwarves’ time in Middle-earth is fading.

– 7 Fate


Unwearying in Battle

Bonus to Morale and Power regeneration in combat, penalty to Morale and Power regeneration out of combat.

+ 30 in-Combat Morale Regen
+ 30 in-Combat Power Regen
– 60 non-Combat Morale Regen
– 30 non-Combat Power Regen


One-handed Axes

Allows the use of One-handed Axes. Axes have a small chance of reducing the target’s armour.


Race Description: The Stout-axes were once a part of one of the seven houses of the Dwarves, known as Drasa’s Folk. Brought to ruin by their desire for the Ring granted to them by Sauron, Drasa’s Folk doomed their descendants to an era of thralldom in the Black Land.


You can unlock Stout-Axe Dwarves by paying 1,000 LOTRO Points.


Unyielding Will

Increased Will – Despite suffering many centuries of thralldom, the will of the Stout-axes has never broken.

+ 15 Will
+ 1% Common Mitigation


Wrought by the Black Land

Increased Might and Agility, improved resistance to Shadow and Disease – It is whispered that Sauron bred some among the Stout-axes using the same methods that had produced the mighty Uruk-hai and Olog-hai. Whether that is truly so is unknown, even to the Wise, but it is certain that the Stout-axes have grown accustomed to the unforgiving realm of Mordor.

+ 1% Shadow Mitigation
+ 1% Disease Resistance
+ 15 Might
+ 5 Agility


Shadow of the Eye

Reduced Vitality – Known to the Ores of Mordor as shakglob, or Stone-filth, the Stout-axes have long served as thralls of the Dark Lord of Mordor. After enduring years of tireless labour and ill- nourishment, the Stout-axes have lost some of the sturdiness they once possessed.

– 7 Vitality


Doom of Drása’s Folk

Reduced Fate – Drésa’s Folk were a cruel people, and the Ring given to their king by Sauron led them into war against their kin. When the Dark Lord demanded the Ring’s return, however, they refused, and his armies besieged and sacked their halls. The Enemy took many of the survivors back to Mordor as prisoners, forcing them to toil in the mines and pits of the Black Land for centuries. Stripped of their history, their clan name, and even their own language, they became a lost people. As years passed, they adopted a new clan name: the Stout-axes.

– 10 Fate


One-handed Axes

Allows the use of One-handed Axes. Axes have a small chance of reducing the target’s armour.


Race Description: Happiest when enjoying a simple life with six square meals a day, hobbits are solid and dependable when called to action.


Small Size

Reduced Might – hobbits lack the physical strength of other races.

– 7 Might



Improved Vitality – hobbits remarkably tough.

+ 15 Vitality


Rapid Recovery

Improved Morale Regeneration out of combat – hobbits recover from trying times faster than other races.

+ 60 non-Combat Morale Regen



Improved Fear Resistance – the slow-kindled courage of the hobbit race.

+ 1% Fear Resistance


Resist Corruption

Improved Shadow Mitigation – hobbits have a great resistance to temptation.

+ 1% Shadow Mitigation


Race Description: Long ago, the Elves welcomed the younger races of Middle-earth and allied with them when the need was great, but centuries of war, betrayal, and hardship have made them fiercely protective of their seclusion.


Sorrow of the Firstborn

Reduced Morale and Morale Regeneration out of combat – Elves feel things more deeply than the other races and are more subject to sorrow.

– 20 Maximum Morale
– 60 non-Combat Morale Regen


Agility of the Woods

Improved Agility – The Grace of the Eldar is remembered in legend.

+ 15 Agility


Fading of the Firstborn

Reduced Fate – The time of the Elves in Middle-earth is nearly at its end.

– 7 Fate


Suffer no Illness

Improved resistance to Disease and Poison – Elves do not suffer illness.

+ 1% Disease Resistance
+ 1% Poison Resistance


Race Description: Beornings descend from ancient Men, and can “skin-change” into bears when angered. They are gruff, distrustful, impolite, respect all creatures of nature, and hate Ores more than anything.


You can unlock Beornings by paying 1,000 LOTRO Points.


Might of the Wild

Increased Might – Beornings wield a ferocity unmatched by other races.

+ 15 Might


Few in Number

Reduced Fate – So few in number, the Beornings’ Fate is in question.

– 7 Fate


Natural Resistance

Improved Poison Resistance – Their bond with the natural world gives Beornings a natural resistance to toxins.

+ 1% Poison Resistance


Thick Hide

Increased Vitality – Beornings are thick skinned.

+ 15 Vitality

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