Black Desert Online – All Player Account Title Rewards

Like with most progression-based activities in Black Desert Online, player titles are account-bound, so unlocking a title once, will provide you with its benefits forever, on all your characters / alts.

Most players look up BDO title rewards after they get their 1st one – +1 Luck with the first 50 titles! It’s also the same time you’ll realize that underwear (700 pearls, +1 Luck) is not that worth it, and is mostly there for aesthetic reasons. Did I already mention that title rewards are bound to your account?

Without further ado, let’s break down the rewards you get on each tier (the value that rises with each tier is marked with green letters):

Title CountLuckEnergyXP BuffStamina Buff

There are a total of 1.346 titles in-game right now (NA / EU), so the last two tiers are still unobtainable. Therefore the max buffs you can gain from the title rewards, are +5 Luck (max allowed), +6 Energy,  12% Combat XP & 15% Stamina buff.

The fishing titles are the most time-consuming (although you can AFK them), and the World ones you will get the most naturally. Combat & Life depend on your playstyle, but if you “mix & match” progress is not that slow, at least for the important buffs.

Right now there are:

  • 267 World Titles (from various activities, mostly story & progression-related)
  • 484 Combat Titles (from killing X number of monsters mostly)
  • 147 Life Titles (from Lifeskill ranks & crafting milestones)
  • 448 Fishing Titles (from catching X number of each fish – tiered)
Babalon, Mother of Abominations
Babalon, Mother of Abominations
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