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Black Desert Online - Tier 10 Mythical Horse Awakening Guide

Tier 10 horses (aka Mythical Horses) are the end-game of Black Desert Online’s training life skill. In this guide, you can learn everything about these horses including their abilities, stats and their most distinctive features. We’ll walk you through all the steps needed to get your own Tier 10 horses in Mythical Awakening. Once you’ve done that, here are all the tips for fast leveling and train all skills. Let’s meet Mythical Arduanatt, Mythical Dine, and the Mythical Doom!

These horses are rare, they have fantastic abilities, and they will surely captivate you!

If you prefer to start at the very beginning of the story, jump here to read about the basics of training and Black Desert Online’s horses, which we have already published in an earlier guide. But be sure to read our Tier 9 horse guide as you will need these horses during the Tier 10 horse awakening process!

Table of Contents

All Tier 10 Horses (Mythical Horses) & Their Skills

The T10 horses are an improved Mythical version of the T9 dreamy horses. They resemble them in many ways, but have been given a more special appearance & qualities, and are still very rare. These horses can only be acquired during the T10 awakening process. They cannot be traded on the Horse Market, you can sell them only to a Stable Keeper. Unlike T9, these horses have no gender.

Mythical Arduanatt

Mythical Arduanatt, T10 horse in-game appearance in Black Desert Online | Picture by Norelly

Its unique ability is that it can float with its wings. It can possess a total of 27 abilities, with the exception of the Two-Seater ability: the whole pool of the T9 Pegasus skills and the Mythical Arduanatt’s special skills.

The starter skills:

S: Charge Q while Charging Horse can use Charge twice, consecutively 12,150,000
Courser’s Spirit Auto-activated when unmounted Horse regenerates its HP and Stamina when it’s parked 9,562,500
Double Jump SpaceBar while jumped Jump a second time in the air, must have Steak Leap & High Jump 13,162,500
Mighty Leap E after Instant Accel It quickly jumps into the air and soars in the wind. Unknown
Soaring Wings E or SpaceBar while flying After floating into the air with elegant movement, spend some time floating mid-air. Unknown
Wings of Swiftness F during Wings of Freedom Arduanatt, dreaming of learning how to read the wind flow, can descend at high speed through the wind among the wings of freedom. Unknown

Ice Mythical Arduanatt

Tier 10 Arduanatt’s appearance can be changed with the help of Quturan’s Fruit. You can purchase this item for 100.000.000 Silver from Francia, the librarian of O’draxxia. The appearance change can be performed at a Stable Keeper.

Mythical Diné

Mythical Diné, T10 horse in-game appearance in Black Desert Online (Source: Korean Patchnote)

It is the only mount that can sprint on the water and use its abilities in the Desert. You can have a total of 27 abilities, with the exception of the Two-Seater ability: you can possess all the T9 dine skills and the Mythical Dine’s special skills. This type of horse has a third bar below its HP and Stamina bar which shows the Breath of Okiara amount.

The starter skills:

S: Charge Q while Charging The horse can use Charge twice, consecutively 12,150,000
Courser’s Spirit Auto-activated when unmounted Horse regenerates its HP and Stamina when it’s parked 9,562,500
Double Jump SpaceBar while jumped Jump a second time in the air, must have Steak Leap & High Jump 13,162,500
 Quicksilver Auto use while riding Consumes Breath of Okiara (from its 3rd bar) to run on water Unknown
Triple Jump Space during Double Jump Jump a third time in the air, must have Double Jump Unknown
Protection of Okiara E after jump while falling If it falls from a height, it is not damaged due to the power of the water Unknown

Mythical Doom

Mythical Doom, T10 horse in-game appearance in Black Desert Online (Source: Global Lab Update)

Mythical Doom is able to summon two additional Dooms, which can be freely ridden by guild or party members. Thanks to the ability of the Two-Seater, 6 people can be moved with it at the same time. It has a maximum of 28 abilities in total.

The starter skills:

S: Charge Q while Charging The horse can use Charge twice, consecutively 12,150,000
Courser’s Spirit Auto-activated when unmounted Horse regenerates its HP and Stamina when it’s parked 9,562,500
Double Jump SpaceBar while jumped Jump a second time in the air, must have Steak Leap & High Jump 13,162,500
 Shadow of Hellfire Down arrow + E Summons 2 Dream Dooms. Allies (guild/party/unit members) can ride freely for 10 minutes. Unknown
Infernal Sprint Automatically activated when using Rush of Darkness It is automatically activated after using Dark Sprint and moves forward athigh speed for a certain period of time, dealing damage with melee attacks. Unknown
Infernal Legion Prior art in use and Upper down + E While using Charge, S: Charge, Instant Accel, S: Instant Accel, Dark Sprint, Infernal Sprint, inflicts fire damage in stages in front. Unknown

Tier 10 horse stats

The statistics for Tier 10 horses are the same as their Tier 9 predecessors.

Base Stats at Lvl.1 Stat province at Lvl. 30

Mythical Arduanatt

Speed: 137.5%
Accel.: 137.5%
Turn: 122.5%
Brake: 122.5%
Speed: 140.4 – 175.2
Accel.: 140.4 – 175.2
Turn: 125.4 – 160.2
Brake: 125.4 – 160.2

Mythical Dine

Speed: 133%
Accel.: 133%
Turn: 127%
Brake: 127%
Speed: 135.9 – 170.7
Accel.: 135.9 – 170.7
Turn: 129.9 – 164.7
Brake: 129.9 – 164.7

Mythical Doom

Speed: 130%
Accel.: 130%
Turn: 139%
Brake: 139%
Speed: 132.9 – 167.7
Accel.: 132.9 – 167.7
Turn: 142.7 – 177.5
Brake: 142.7 – 177.5

Please keep in mind that the above maximum speeds are just official numbers. If you want to strive for the best (real numbers existing in experience) speed values during your horse training, these are the following:

  • ~165% in the case of Arduanatt
  • ~160% in the case of Diné
  • ~157% in the case of Doom.

How to get a Mythical Horse in BDO

  • Step 1: Have a male and female T9 horse from your desired type of T10 (both lvl 30).
  • Step 2: Go to Stonetail Horse Ranch, check in both horses at Stable Keeper Gula, and hand over a  Mythical Censer at the training window. All types of T10 require the same material to make.
  • Step 3: Here you need to enter the name of your T10 that you want to wear if the enhancement will be successful.

Finally, hit that particular button!

Mythical Awakening Window

Mythical Arduanatt

Mythical Dine

Mythical Doom

In case the upgrade failed, the materials are consumed, but your T9 horses will remain. The first chance of the enchantment is 3%, and every failed awakening grants you another 0.2% success rate. The success rate increase value is accumulated across your entire Family, and applies to every type of Mythical horses.

Succeded at Mythical Horse Awakening, Mythical Arduanatt in Black Desert Online

Mythical Horse Awakening

As I mentioned earlier, all types of T10 Mythical horses need the same material. In this chapter, you will find a detailed description of the materials and how to obtain them.

Recipe for the Mythical Censer:

1 x Old Moon Censer

10 x Mythical Powder

10 x Mythical Feather

10 x Fire Horn

10 x Powder of Flame

Manufacture them at the Processing Window (L).

And then let’s look at its elements:

Obtaining Old Moon Censer

Old Moon Censer

Manufacture them at the Processing Window (L).

The Old Moon Censer Mold can be purchased for 20 million from the Old Moon Shop, the other items can be purchased from Central Market. They can, of course, also be produced with heating.

Obtaining Mythical Powder

Mythical Powder

Grinding them at the Processing Window (L).

Everlasting Herb, Fruit of Enchantment, and Black Stone Powder can be purchased from the Central Market.

  • Flowers of Oblivion can be obtained from Imperial Horse Delivery (the number of flowers received per tier: T1->1; T2->2; T3->3; T4->4; T5->5; T6->10; T7->15; T8->20 flowers.).
  • Fern Root can be obtained as a reward from daily or weekly quests. These can be picked up from Wapra (Stonetail Horse Ranch) or from Liana in any major city. The daily quest gives 1-5 Roots and the weekly gives 50 pieces.
Obtaining Mythical Feather

Mythical Feather


  •  Exchanging Brilliant /Radiant Fairy Wings at Herawen at Kamasylve Temple.
    Brilliant Fairy Wings = 1x Dreamy Feather
    Radiant Fairy Wings = 3x Dreamy Feather
  • Random drop by gathering Lakiaro.
  • Purchasable from the Central Market
  • Weekly quests from Wapra (hand over Carrot Confit or Krogdalo’s Origin Stone) 1 feather/week
  • Weekly quest from Variel (hand over 1x Wings of Ascension) 1 feather/week
Obtaining Fire Horn

Fire Horn

  • It can be obtained through hunting, or just buy it from Market.
Obtaining Powder of Flame

Powder of Flame

  • It can be obtained through Nodes, by workers or mining. For example,
    these nodes give you Powder of Flame with workers: Imp Cave, Coastal Cave,
    Mediah Shore, Pujiya Canyon, Capotia, etc. Or just buy it from the Central Market.

Tier 10 attempt costs

Let’s take a closer look at how much it costs an attempt to awaken a Tier 10 horse. In the table below, we calculated how much it would cost to try 1 for Mythical Awakening. Two more factors need to be added to this number: the daily and weekly quests to obtain enough Royal Fern Root, and perform Imperial Horse Delivery to get the right number of Flower of Oblivion. Of course, if you have to get all the flowers by buying horses for it, it will greatly increase the cost of a try.

Old Moon censer mold  – 20.000.000 1
Pure Copper Crystal 122.000 100
Pure Platinum Crystal 311.000 100
Pure Tin Crystal  190.000 100
Moonlight Opal 340.000 100
Flower of Oblivion Can be obtained through Imperial Horse Delivery / not counted 100
Royal Fern Root  Can be obtained through Daily or Weekly Quests / not counted 100
Everlasting Herb 21.000 100
Fruit of Enchantment 74.500 100
Black Stone Powder 2.930 100
Mythical Feather 18.700.000 10
Fire Horn 19.500 10
Powder of Flame 2.040 10
Total Silver amount = 313.358.400

Leveling a Tier 10 horse (and Courser’s Spirit Method)

Mythical Arduanatt (T10) Horse, Black Desert Online | Picture by Norelly

In leveling, of course, we need to consider two factors: the statistics we have acquired, and the abilities. Fortunately, both can be influenced.

By default, Tier 10 horses are randomly assigned stats between 0.1% and 1.3% at each level up. I can’t go without a word, even if your Training level affects what stats your horse can get at each level. The higher the training level you level a horse, the better chance you have of getting higher stats! If you are not happy with the values, feel free to reset your horse. If there is a horse that is worth using the Reset Mount Growth (It’s a Pearl Item), this is it.

On the other hand, this horse deserves to be able to learn all the abilities. To this may come the well-known P2W method, which we have encountered countless times before its predecessors: the Courser’s Spirit method. The bottom line is that when you use a Skill Changing Coupon (during leveling) and swap this ability for another, there’s a good chance at the next level to get it back, thus gaining another skill. The Courser Spirit’s learning chance is pretty good, but not 100%.

Starting this around lvl 15 is worth it, but of course, it depends on how many abilities you wish to train. There are times when the horse may not learn a new skill when leveling up (be sure to calculate with this), or it may not be the Courser’s Spirit.

Best Gear for Mythical Horses

Oquilla Dream Horse Set on Mythical Arduanatt Horse, Black Desert Online | Picture by Norelly

Of course, these horses can also be equipped with horse gear: basic horse sets and pearl items.

I wouldn’t go into the basic armor sets separately, you may have read about this in an earlier article. However, if you want to put more powerful equipment on your horse, I recommend the Granverre Set or the Krogdalo Sets, depending on the Silver you wish to spend. I will post a quick overview here, but you can read more about Krogdalo Sets in our existing Krogdalo Horse Set Guide.

Horse Gear 5-set Effects:

  • Granverre Horse Gear – no Set Bonus
  • Krogdalo’s Horse Gear – Wind: AP +5 to 10 allies for 60 min (including self)
  • Krogdalo’s Horse Gear Earth: Damage Reduction +3 and Evasion +3 to 10 allies for 60 min (including self)
  • Krogdalo’s Horse Gear Sea: Max HP/Stamina +100 to 10 allies for 60 min (including self)

Outfits that can be purchased at the Pearl Shop (F3), not just boost the look of your horse, they will even give you a 10% bonus chance to learn a new skill as a set bonus, if you level up with your horse. In addition, they even provide bonuses to our horse’s basic stats: +1% Speed, Horse Max HP +500, Horse Max Stamina +500, Turn +2%, and Acceleration +2%.

And I will also show the statistics of my own horse as an example. The base stats are nice, but I’ve seen a lot of better horses than that. It is wearing a Krogdalo’s Earth set and I also added a Pearl set to it: so its stats are pretty already. 173% yummy!

And thank you for being here! ♥

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