Black Desert Online – Horse Training, Taming & Breeding Guide

Horses sell for more money with the latest changes, and your Training level is affecting that number a lot. Let's see exactly how Training works in this guide, as well as taming, breeding & exchanging.

Training is not the most popular lifeskill like cooking, fishing or processing, the popular money-maker. There is no doubt that training can be interesting because there are a lot of trainers, who really love their hobby with horses. But why? It can be more than just the profit (which is very important), since the game has built a fantastic and immersive world around horses.

At the end of this beautiful story, we can awaken our own Dream Horse, and we can reach the sky! But I don’t want to get ahead of myself, so let’s start at the beginning!

1. The Basics

Horse Training, Black Desert Online
Horse Training, Black Desert Online

If you don’t want to walk across the whole map on foot, you can ride a horse and save a lot of time with it. If you don’t have a horse, you can buy one from the Horse Market, which is found at the Stable Keeper. If you don’t want to spend money on it, you can tame a horse as well.

When you already have your own horse, you can train it to lvl 30. Higher level horses usually have more skills and can run faster. The mount gets EXP from the traveled distance.

When the horse is leveling up, there is a chance to obtain a new skill. Every horse has its own inventory, where you can store your items. The mount’s inventory is limited though, and if it’s too heavy, your horse will slow down and it won’t be able to use its skills.

If you should leave your horse alone, be sure that there aren’t any mobs near your horse, because they can kill it! The safest place for a horse is a town, so if you are grinding make sure to leave it in a safe area without monster spawns too close!

In the Pearl Shop, there are a lot of useful items for horses, for example, the Horse Flute, which allows you to call your horse within a 500m range. There’s also various cosmetic gears, which also add tiny buffs to your horse’s speed, turn etc. The sky is the limit, where sky means wallet. 😶

At the loyalties store, we can find some stuff for horses too. For example, we can purchase carrots if we need a few urgently. There are Mount Name Changing Coupons as well, or Extra Life EXP Scrolls.

2. Taming a Wild Horse

Wild Horse Following You After Being Tamed, Black Desert Online
Wild Horse Following You After Being Tamed, Black Desert Online

2.1. Everything You Need

If you want to tame a horse, you will need Capturing Ropes and Lump of Raw Sugar in your inventory.

You can buy ropes from the Stable Keeper for 1,500 Silver each, and one successful taming needs one rope. At the end of the minigame, you should give Lump of Raw Sugar(s) to the horse, but it’s not necessary.

The taming can be failed, in which case, you should try again. Beyond that, you need to be level 20 or above.

Ways to get Lump of Raw Sugar:

  1. Buy it from Central Market
  2. Craft it from 1 Mineral Water and 10 Raw Sugar at the Processing Window (L) and select Heating.

2.2. Horse Taming Locations

There are many different spots where you can find 1-4 wild horses. Their respawn time is 2 hours, and their tier is random. If you want to catch more horses, it’s useful to change servers on the spot.

There is a website, where you can check the wild horse locations. Open the page and select the Horse/Mounts option.

It’s always worth considering how far the Stable Keeper is when you’re choosing a location, cause you should use him to register the wild horses you tame.

Of course, popularity is also important. When I tamed horses, I chose Drieghan, because it’s less popular. In the other hand, if you plan to store many horses, choose a place near cities where you can buy extra Horse Ranches.

The linked map doesn’t show the wild horse locations near Duvencrune yet, but we have included them below for you:

2.3. Wild Horse Tiers & Appearance

The wild horses are between Tier 1 and 5. From their appearance, you can tell their tier (when you get used to them of course).

The gender of the horse and its skills are unknown before you register it.

2.4. Taming Mini-Game & How to Catch a Wild Horse

First of all, the My Little First Pony quest from Vanacil is a good way to learn how to catch a horse.

  1. When you find a wild horse, get near to it and use the capturing rope (if you get to too close, the horse runs away).
  2. Aim your rope at the horse and click to the horse.
  3. If the rope minigame started, press your Jump button (usually this is the “Space”) when you are at the right spot.
  4. Try to walk closer, and be ready for the next minigame.
  5. If the horse lifts his front legs, you have a few seconds to press the space (or your personal Jump button). Better to hit the space when the horse’s legs will land on the ground. With this trick, you can win a few free seconds. Hit the space repeatedly and win the fight. If you won the fight, continue to try to walk closer. This mini-game may pop up again, at that time just repeat the previous instructions. If you approach the horse in this way, you get into interaction status. Now you can give the Lump of Raw Sugars to the horse. You should use 1-4 of them.
  6. When you have fed the horse, press your Interaction (usually this is the “R”) button to ride. If the horse ran away, you will have to start from the beginning.
  7. If you successfully tamed the horse, there’s nothing left, just register your new horse.

2.5. Registering

When you successfully tamed a horse, you should register it at the closest stable. You don’t need to ride the wild horse for the whole distance, you can use your own horse, the wild horse will just follow you. Just don’t forget to ride the wild horse at least once!

If you and your wild horse arrived near the Stable Keeper, select the Stable option. The “Register Wild Horse” button will appear. Here you can check it’s gender, and you must choose a name for the horse .

After when you give a name for it (in the future, you can change your horse’s name with a Mount Name Changing Coupon from the Pearl Shop), you can check the horse’s skills. The wild horse can be between lvl 1 and 10, and it will have a few skills depending on each tier & color. So it can turn out to a courser too!

2.6. The Stables

There is a lot of Stable Keepers in each city, who offer you free stable spaces. If it’s not enough for you, you can expand it and use Horse Ranches for CP.

The Horse Ranches:

  • Velia 4 (Adds 2 Stable Slots)
  • Heidel 6-1 (Adds 4 Stable Slots)
  • Calpheon North Gate 1 (Adds 5 Stable Slots)
  • Altinova 9 (Adds 4 Stable Slots)
  • Keplan 3-3 (Adds 4 Stable Slots)
  • Glish 2 (Adds 4 Stable Slots)
  • Trent 5 (Adds 4 Stable Slots)
  • Sand Grain Bazaar 3-2 (Adds 3 Stable Slots)
  • Duvencrune 1 (Adds 5 Stable Slots)
  • Valencia 19-4, 2F (Adds 5 Stable Slots)
  • Grána 1 (Adds 5 Stable Slots)

If you don’t need the ranches anymore, you can sell them, and you will receive the CPs that you used. Between stables, you can use transfer which costs 100,000 Silver. Also, there are additional options to store the horses, for example, you can send them to your ALTs.

2.7. Selling

It’s all about selling your mounts, and there’s two ways to go about it:

1. Sell it on the Horse Market. This is determined by the system. There is a tax of course, and the money that you receive is influenced by your Training Level (as well as the tax amount).

In fact, female horses usually have higher prices than male ones. You can open the Horse Market from a Stable Keeper or open the map (press the “M”) and there’s a horse icon at the right bottom of the screen (here you can only browse the list). The Horse Market function is just available at certain Keepers, at major cities.

The Silver increase range depending on Training level:

  • Beginner Training level 1-10: 0%
  • Apprentice Training level 1-10: 1% – 1.9%
  • Skilled Training level 1-10: 2% – 2.9%
  • Professional Training level 1-10: 5% – 7.7%
  • Artisan Training level 1-10: 10% – 15%
  • Master Training level 1-30: 20% – 26%
  • Guru Training level 1-20: 30%

2. Sell it to the Stable Keeper. At the Stable, select the horse, and press the “Sell Mount” option. It’s always lower than the Horse Market’s price of course, but as you can guess a low tier useless horse can’t be sold easily on the Horse Market.

Note: If you sell a horse, always be sure that you have chosen the horse that you want to sell! It may sound stupid, just until you meet many more people that have done it.. (65FS for reblath shoes anyone?😂).

3. Horse Training

Horse Training, Black Desert Online
Horse Training, Black Desert Online

3.1. Basics About Horse Training

As I mentioned, your mount gets EXP from the traveled distance. It can be active training or AFK training. The last one is where you use auto loop, and the horse will run automatically. When your horse runs out of stamina, you can recover it at the Stable Keeper, or you can feed it with various carrots. If you use auto loop, you can activate the auto-consume feeding.

Never let your horse get damaged! If you jump down from high places or the monsters attack your horse, your horse can die. At the Mount Information (press P when you ride it) window, you can check your horse’s death number. If you want to reset your horse’s death count, you can purchase a [Loyalities] Mount Resurrection Reset for 100 loyalties, but you can use it only once per mount.

These things will make your Auto-Loop more effective:

  • Try to use straight roads, avoid the turns. At the turns, your horse slows down, and gain less EXP.
  • Avoid the areas with mobs, because they can kill you.
  • Avoid the areas with NPCs and adventurers, because they can block you (or well, even kill you as well, especially if your Guild is in a war with another Guild).

You can stack your mount EXP with the following items:

  • Silver Embroidered Trainer’s Clothes – 5/10/15/20/25/40% Mount EXP (from 0 to +5)
  • Trainer’s Clothes – 15 % Mount EXP (You will receive this cloth when you reach the Professional 1 Training) This cloth can be exchanged with an Equipment Tailoring Coupon (you can find this coupon at the Pearl Shop) into a costume.
  • Fine Horse Trainer’s Clothes – 7/13/19/25/31/40% Mount EXP (from 0 to +5) This cloth can be obtained from Imperial Delivery seals.
  • Elixir of Training or Elixir of Expert Training– 8% or 10% Mount EXP
  • Venia Riding Attire – 20 % Mount EXP (You can purchase this cloth permanently from the Pearl Shop or for 7 days from the Loyalties)
  • Value Pack – 10 % Mount EXP
  • Extra Mount EXP Scroll – 20 % Mount EXP

Keep in mind that you can’t wear Venia Riding Attire and Trainer’s Clothes (turned into a costume) at the same time, and if you are going to spend the money either way, it’s better to get Venia!

The mount EXP is also influenced by your Training Level. When your horse is leveling up, you receive training life EXP.

Below, you can see all the XP requirements from Level 2-30, for Horse Tiers 1-8:

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5Tier 6Tier 7Tier 8
Level 22,6055,1057,61010,11012,61515,11517,62020,120
Level 35,12010,14015,16020,18025,20030,22035,24040,260
Level 47,67015,23522,80530,37037,94045,50553,07560,640
Level 510,26020,42030,58040,74050,90061,06071,22081,380
Level 612,91525,72538,54051,35064,16576,97589,790102,600
Level 715,64031,18046,72062,26077,80093,340108,880124,420
Level 818,46036,81555,17573,53091,890110,245128,605146,960
Level 921,38042,66063,94085,220106,500127,780149,060170,340
Level 1024,42548,74573,07097,390121,715146,035170,360194,680
Level 1127,60055,10082,600110,100137,600165,100192,600220,100
Level 1230,93061,75592,585123,410154,240185,065215,895246,720
Level 1334,42068,740103,060137,380171,700206,020240,340274,660
Level 1438,09576,085114,080152,070190,065228,055266,050304,040
Level 1541,96083,820125,680167,540209,400251,260293,120334,980
Level 1646,04091,975137,915183,850229,790275,725321,665367,600
Level 1750,340100,580150,820201,060251,300301,540351,780402,020
Level 1854,885109,665164,450219,230274,015328,795383,580438,360
Level 1959,680119,260178,840238,420298,000357,580417,160476,740
Level 2064,750129,395194,045258,690323,340387,985452,635517,280
Level 2170,100140,100210,100280,100350,100420,100490,100560,100
Level 2275,755151,405227,060302,710378,365454,015529,670605,320
Level 2381,720163,340244,960326,580408,200489,820571,440653,060
Level 2488,020175,935263,855351,770439,690527,605615,525703,440
Level 2594,660189,220283,780378,340472,900567,460662,020756,580
Level 26101,665203,225304,790406,350507,915609,475711,040812,600
Level 27109,040217,980326,920435,860544,800653,740762,680871,620
Level 28116,810233,515350,225466,930583,640700,345817,055933,760
Level 29124,980249,860374,740499,620624,500749,380874,260999,140
Level 30133,575267,045400,520533,990667,465800,935934,4101,067,880

Before you start leveling the horse or horses, you must choose between solo training or wagon training.

If you are planning to teach more than one horse, using a wagon will be the better choice. You can connect up to 4 horses to a wagon, and train them at the same time. Each horse will get less EXP (compared to solo training), but all of the 4 horses will gain EXP at the same time. On the other hand, while you use wagon training, your horses ain’t running out of their stamina.

There are several types of wagons (and it’s a good idea to do some Trading as well, if you are going the Wagon way):

  • Flimsy wagon: it has 270 LT and 6 inventory slots. Amounts of horses that can be connected: 1. It can be bought from any Stable Keeper’s shop, or it can be crafted at Wagon Workshops.
  • Shabby wagon: it has 360 LT and 8 inventory slots. Amounts of horses that can be connected: 1. It can be bought from any Stable Keeper’s shop, or it can be crafted at Wagon Workshops.
  • Strong wagon: it has 450 LT and 10 inventory slots. Amounts of horses that can be connected: 1. It can be crafted at Wagon Workshops, for example in Calpheon Workshop District 1-6, 1F.
  • White wagon: it has 540 LT and 12 inventory slots. Amounts of horses that can be connected: 1. It can be crafted at Wagon Workshops, for example in Altinova 5-8.
  • Farm wagon: it has 630 LT and 14 inventory slots. Amounts of horses what can be connected: 2. It can be bought from any Stable Keeper’s shop, or it can be crafted at Wagon Workshops.
  • Trade wagon: it has 720 LT and 16 inventory slots. Amounts of horses that can be connected: 2. It can be crafted at Wagon Workshops, for example in Calpheon Workshop District 1-6, 1F.
  • Merchant wagon: it has 810 LT and 18 inventory slots. Amounts of horses that can be connected: 4. It can be crafted at Wagon Workshops, for example in Altinova 5-8.
  • Noble wagon: it has 900 LT and 20 inventory slots. Amounts of horses that can be connected: 4. It can be crafted at Wagon Workshops, for example in Altinova 5-8.
  • Forest Path Wagon: it has 1,565 LT and 22 inventory slots. Amounts of horses that can be connected: 4. It can be crafted at Wagon Workshop in Grána 4.

The various carrots:

  • Carrot – +1,500 Endurance Recovery, +1,200 HP Recovery
  • High-Quality Carrot – +3,000 Endurance Recovery, +2,000 HP Recovery
  • Special Carrot – +7,500 Endurance Recovery, +3,000 HP Recovery

3.2. Your Training Level

Like the other Life Skills, the Training has 7 levels. These are the following:

  • Beginner Training (Level 1-10)
  • Apprentice Training (Level 11-20)
  • Skilled Training (Level 21-30)
  • Professional Training (Level 31-40)
  • Artisan Training (Level 41-50)
  • Master Training (Level 51-80)
  • Guru Training (Level 81-100)

When your horse levels up, you receive training life EXP. At lower levels, taming horses will give much better EXP than training horses. Taming gives you pretty good training EXP. You receive the experience when you register the wild horse at the stable, and there are a lot of ways to stack your life EXP bonus. For example:

  • Sute Tea (8%) or Whale Meat Salad (15%)
  • Elixir of Time (10%) or Elixir of Flowing Time (15%) or Perfume of Swiftness (20%)
  • Villa Buff (10%)
  • Guild Buff (10% – 20%)
  • Extra life EXP Scroll (10%)
  • Pets (1-45% – heavy P2W)

If you reached Professional 1, you can also do the training daily quest at Stonetail Horse Ranch. The quest’s rewards are very important in Courser Training (It gives one of the following items: Rainbow Gem Fruit, Deep Blue Hoof Root or Breezy Conch Seaweed). This is the [Training] In Search of The Finest Courser quest from Shamhain at Stonetail Horse Ranch.

3.3. Horse Skills

As I said, when the horse levels up, there is a chance to obtain a new skill. There are a lot of different skills to learn from and the mount’s value will be determined by the skills of your horse. If you want to boost your chance to learn skills, you can buy a Mount Brand Spell Stone from the Pearl Shop.

If you want to change your mount’s skill, you can try it with a Mount Skill Change Coupon from the Pearl Shop, but the change is not guaranteed. If you didn’t get the skill that you wanted (you choose which one you want), you obtain a Fail Stack (One Coupon = 1 Fail Stack), and the next try will be more effective.

If you want to master a skill, you can train it with mini-games, or you can use a Mount Skill Training Coupon from the Pearl Shop. Horses that have learned certain skills can be certified as Coursers.

CautionAuto-activates in fall zonePrevents horse from running off a cliff (can still jump over it if timed right)4,350
Fore ChopFfrontal attack4,350
Hind Kick↓ + Fbackward AOE attack4,350
Start AccelLift front leg with SPACE, then ↑horse starts immediately running4,350
Quick BackHorse steps backward faster79,200
High JumpSPACE while running fastjump higher while running86,400
Quick RideAuto-activates while ridingyou can mount the horse faster86,625
Quick StopWhile Riding ↓you can stop the horse faster105,600
S: Fore ChopAP Up with Fore Chopstronger Fore Chop skill (Horse does a frontal AOE attack), T8+ Horses only226,800
S: Hind KickAP Up in Hind Kickstronger Hind Kick skill (Horse does a backward AOE attack), T8+ Horses only226,800
RoarSPACE (Stirrups required)regenerate HP and Stamina for 30 seconds264,000
Streak LeapJumps immediately after a jumphorse can jump repeatedly without stopping1,144,000
ChargeQ (Champron required)Horse charges enemies1,530,000
Drift← or → + ↓ while RunningDrift resets the cooldown on Instant Accel2,320,500
Instant AccelWhile Running FHorse temporarily runs faster2,320,500
Sprint↑+Shift (Saddle required)horse can temporarily run faster3,315,000
Sideways← or →horse can strafe right or left, T5+ Horses only3,836,250
Two-seaterGuild or Party member Rallows another player to ride with you, T6-T8 Horses only4,972,500
Courser’s SpiritAuto-activated while unmountedhorse regenerates its HP and Stamina when it’s parked, T9 Dream Horse only9,562,500
S: Instant AccelF during Instant Accelstronger Instant Accel skill (Horse temporarily runs faster), T8+ Horses only10,687,500
S: SidewaysSpeed Up in Sidewaysfaster Sideways skill (horse can strafe right or left), T8+ Horses only10,687,500
S: ChargeQ while Charginghorse can use Charge twice, consecutively, T9 Dream Horse only12,150,000
Double JumpSpaceBar while JumpingJump a second time in the air, must have Steak Leap & High Jump, T9 Dream Horse only13,162,500
Wings of WindE while Double Jumpreduces fall damage by 100% when Arduanatt uses Double Jump, T9 Arduanatt Dream Horse skill only21,375,000
Earth of LifeEheals Dine and friendly targets for 300 HP and 300 MP/WP/SP every 3 seconds for 30 seconds, max targets is 10, T9 Diné Dream Horse only skill21,375,000
Earth of ProtectionAuto activates while using Earth of LifeAll AP, DP, Evasion +10 for you and up to 10 party members for 30 seconds, T9 Diné Dream Horse only skill21,375,000
Dark Flame StepsEleaves a trail of fire to damage enemies, T9 Doom Dream Horse skill only21,375,000
Wings of FreedomWings of Wind ← or →allows Arduanatt to turn sideways while using Wings of the Wind, T9 Arduanatt Dream Horse skill only21,937,500

3.4. Imperial Training

15+ level horses from any tier can be traded using Imperial Training. It means you exchange your horse for Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Training] and a large amount of Silver. You will receive seals based on your horse’s tier (Tier 1 = 1 seal, Tier 2 = 2 seals, and so on). The silver that you can obtain is influenced by your horse’s skills.

How can I use Imperial Training?

  • You can use Imperial Training at stables in major cities. At the Stable, choose a horse and select the “Imperial Horse Delivery” option.

If the trade was successful, you will have received seal(s) and some silver. There are 3 NPCs where you can exchange your seals:

1. Shamhain at Stonetail Horse Ranch:

  • 1 seal = Swaying Wind Shard
  • 2 seals = Rumbling Earth Shard

2. Breesman at Calpheon:

  • 2 seals = Magic Lumbering Axe
  • 2 seals = Magic Tanning Knife
  • 6 seals = High-Quality Merchant Wagon Wheel
  • 6 seals = Fishing Boat Prow of Abundance
  • 12 seals = Black Essence: Viper

3. Bochlo at Sand Grain Bazaar:

  • 5 seals = Registration: Light Brown Camel
  • 15 seals = Registration: Deep Brown Camel

4. Breeding & Exchanging

Breeding & Exchanging Horses, Black Desert Online
Breeding & Exchanging Horses, Black Desert Online

If you have a male and a female horse, you can breed or exchange them.

You can breed every male horse 2 times, while a female horse can breed only once (you can reset these numbers with Horse Branding Reset from the Pearl Shop, but only once per horse).

You can breed your own horses, or you can “buy” a partner from the Breeding Market.

How can I breed my own horses?

  1. Go to the Stable Keeper, and open the Stable.
  2. Check in both horses
  3. Select the Male horse, and click the “Register at Breeding”
  4. Select the “Show Only Me” option
  5. Click your female horse, and open the Breeding Market.
  6. Select the “My horse list”, and click the “Apply” button.

The breeding has started. After the breeding cooldown, you will receive a foal. The foal’s tier is random, but the parent’s tier and level can influence it. You have the chance to make a higher tier horse, but it can be a lower tier too. Breeding has a 24 hour cooldown, so you can do it once a day.

What if I breed Coursers?

  • If you breed 2 Coursers, you will receive a foal with two starter skills. If you breed your normal horse with a Courser, you will receive a foal with one or two starter skills.

The exchange is the same as breeding, it has only a few differences: if you exchange two horses, you will receive a new horse, but the “parents” will be killed. It has the same chances as breeding, and you can exchange horses once per day. The exchange does not have a cooldown, you will receive your new horse immediately.

In general, the breeding and exchange give better results, if you train the horses to higher levels before you breed or exchange them.

Here is the website where you can use the horse breeding calculator. It’s easy to use: just select the tiers and levels at the top of the screen. Your chances will appear under the horse categories, for example:


It means you have a 29% chance for a Tier 7 male, 33% for a Tier 7 female, 28% for a Tier 8 male, and 10% for a Tier 8 female foal.

5. Horse Gear

Horse Gear, Black Desert Online
Horse Gear, Black Desert Online

Once we have a horse, we can equip it with various horse gears. At your Mount Information (press P while riding) you can see 5 slots under the “Mount Equipment” subtitle. These are the slots for the Barding, the Saddle, the Stirrups, the Champron and for the Horseshoe.

Each part gives various bonuses for your horse, like bonus HP, bonus Stamina, bonus DP and so on. On the other hand, there are some skills which require different types of equipment, for example, the Sprint skill requires a saddle to work. Some horse gears can be dyed and enhanced with Black Stone (Armor).

The horse gears have durability. You can’t use your equipment if its durability is 0. You can repair them at the closest Blacksmith (interact with the Blacksmith, choose the Repair option, and then the Repair Horse Gear) for a low amount of silver. This function is only available if your horse is nearby.

There are several types of horse armor sets. You can purchase gear pieces from the Central Market, or if it’s not possible, there are different ways to get them:

1. The basic horse armor set can be bought from any Stable Keeper’s shop. It’s cheap, but it requires Amity.

2. There are Horse Gear Workshops where you can craft a wide range of horse gears:

  • Heidel 6-4, 1F
  • Calpheon Workshop District 2-5, 2F
  • Altinova 2-3
  • Duvencrune 9-2
  • Stonetail Horse Ranch 3

3. The Pearl Shop offers many types of horse gears. However these are cosmetic and go into different slots, but they also provide you with some small buffs.

Horse Races & Dream Horses will be added soon.

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