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Published on June 5, 2021    Updated on June 5, 2021
Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online Family Fame Guide

BDO rewards long-term play with the Family Fame system, and this guide will show you the most effective way to grind Combat, Life & Special Fame on your characters.

by Norelly
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Family Fame in Black Desert Online is already an old feature and the point is that it generates passive income and can also be used to obtain a Silver tax deduction for the Central Market. However 1.5% Silver Tax Deduction and 5.4 million Silver revenue per day doesn’t even sound so bad, right?

These earnings are calculated for everyone individually, but all novice players are already eligible for it, and probably by the time you decide you want to increase your Fame points, you’ve already gained a good deal by playing.

In this guide, I would first like to clarify how this feature works and later take over how to get higher points and thus more revenue. It’s better for everyone to decide for themselves how much time they want to spend on dealing with Fame Points, but it will be a time-consuming process that will slowly pay off.

Black Desert Online Fame Explained

You can check your fame by pressing the ‘P’ key to open the My Information tab. As shown in the image on the right, the fame points were placed below your character’s image. Fame is made up of three parts: Combat Fame, Life Fame, and Special Fame. Points are calculated based on three parts, and the sum of these points represents the Family Fame. The Family Fame is the total fame of your entire family.

Your calculated earnings will arrive at your Black Spirit’s Safe every day when you enter the game. It is stacked here and you have to claim it separately.


The Black Spirit’s Safe is located at your bottom right of your screen. If you open this tab, you can see your collectible silver amount and you can collect it here too with the Collect Silver Reward button.

Combat Fame

Combat Fame points are calculated from the accumulated combat levels of all of your characters. Characters of Lv. 56 and up will get twice the number of points, and Characters of Lv. 60 and up will get 5 times the number of points. A family with at least one lv. 15+ character is eligible for the fame system.

The reward is between 300,000 Silver per day and 4,200,000 Silver per day based on your individual points. Exactly as follows:

Number of points Daily Silver reward
15-300 300,000 Silver per day
301-600 480,000 Silver per day
601-900 660,000 Silver per day
901-1200 840,000 Silver per day
1201-1500 1,020,000 Silver per day
1501-1800 1,260,000 Silver per day
1801-2100 1,440,000 Silver per day
2101-2400 1,800,000 Silver per day
2401-2700 2,040,000 Silver per day
2701-3000 2,220,000 Silver per day
3001-3300 2,400,000 Silver per day
3301-3600 2,580,000 Silver per day
3601-3900 2,760,000 Silver per day
3901-4200 2,940,000 Silver per day
4201-4500 3,120,000 Silver per day
4501-4800 3,300,000 Silver per day
4801-5100 3,480,000 Silver per day
5101-5400 3,660,000 Silver per day
5401-5700 3,840,000 Silver per day
5701-6000 4,020,000 Silver per day
6001 and up 4,200,000 Silver per day

How to calculate:

Character lv. 1-55 = 1 point per level
Character lv. 56-59 = 2 points per level
Character lv. 60+ = 5 points per level

For example, a level 55 character worth 55 points, a level 59 character worth 118 points, and a level 62 character worth 310 points. Combat Fame comes out by adding up the points of the characters in your entire family. This means that if you have 20 character slots and all your characters are at least level 62, you have reached the maximum Combat Fame points, and you will already get 4,200,000 silver a day.

Once you are eligible for combat fame, you get activated as a daily combat reward [Fame] Combat EXP +100% (60 min) and [Fame] Skill EXP +30% (60 min) boosts. But this can only be activated on lvl 15 to 59 characters.

Life Fame

Life Fame points are calculated from the accumulated life levels of all of your characters. A family with at least one Professional 1 or higher life skill is eligible for the fame system.

The reward is between 100,000 Silver per day and 600,000 Silver per day based on your individual points. Exactly as follows:

Number of points Daily Silver reward
10-150 100,000 Silver per day
151-300 175,000 Silver per day
301-450 250,000 Silver per day
451-600 325,000 Silver per day
601-750 400,000 Silver per day
751-900 475,000 Silver per day
901 and up 600,000 Silver per day

How to calculate:

Only characters with at least one Professional level 1 or higher life skill should be considered when calculating Life Fame. Life skills below Professional 1 level are not worth a point at all, however, above Professional 1, they are also worth points.

Under Guru 1, each level gives 0.5 points, and from Guru 1 upwards, it gives 1 point:

Professional 1-10=15-20 points
Artisan 1-10=21-25 points
Master 1-30=26-40 points
Guru 1 -50=41-90 points

For example, a Guru 30 Cooking worth 70 points, and a Master 10 Training worth 31 points. Quite a hair-raising and unreal example, but the maximum level could be reached with 9 characters, each with Guru 50 cooking. Huh? But it’s not that “simple”.

Special Fame

Points are calculated from the accumulated Knowledge and Contribution Points of your Family.

This is easy to calculate: check your total Contribution Points at the top left of your screen and add your Knowledge Points which you divided by 10. You can check your knowledge points by pressing the ‘H’ button and your point will appear in the lower right corner.

It’s 344+417.7=762 points.

Number of points Daily Silver reward
50-250 100,000 Silver per day
251-500 175,000 Silver per day
501-750 250,000 Silver per day
751-1000 325,000 Silver per day
1001-1250 400,000 Silver per day
1251-1500 475,000 Silver per day
1501 and up 600,000 Silver per day

Family Fame

This is the total sum of the combat levels, the life levels, and the special fame points of your family. Depending on your current family fame, you will also receive a tax deduction on Central Market transactions.

Number of points Tax deduction rate
1000-3999 0.5% Tax deduction
4000-6999 1% Tax deduction
7000+ 1.5% Tax deduction

In addition, it provides extra Central Market Warehouse Capacity, up to 2,000 VT.

Should You Invest in Family Fame Grinding?

Increasing Family Fame points is not that difficult but time-consuming and hard. Slowly but surely it pays off: if you want to calculate, think about how much bonus Silver you will get in a year if you pull out the max points as a passive income. It is almost 2 billion silver in one year, and then there’s the silver deduction rate, which can come in very handy for transactions in the market. Then there’s the bonus Central Market Warehouse Capacity, which gives you exactly as many bonuses as a Blessing of Kamasylve when you reach the highest point.

Reaching the maximum points, however, will be a very long task, so these numbers are likely to remain just numbers. In fact, if you play as you please, you can also achieve a very nice number of Family Fames that way, without investing any particular time in it.

How to Increase your Family Fame Points

But if I still want to achieve all this, let’s see what to do. The first part, Combat Fame, doesn’t seem complicated, the point is to get as many characters as you can to a higher level. You can save time by tagging two characters. I would definitely suggest you do the main quests with them because they come with pretty good Contribution Points, which does matter in the Special Fame calculation anyway.

The Life Fame calculated by life skill levels, so you need to raise them. Hitting Professional 1 at each life skill is so simple, so I definitely suggest you go for it instead of Masters and Gurus. Cooking, Fishing (for example night-time Fishing), Gathering, Alchemy, or Training can be pushed out quickly into Prof 1. If you are used to Cooking and Alchemy on one of your characters anyway, it is especially worth saving the byproducts ( Witch’s Delicacy and Mysterious Catalyst) and applying the exchanges for life skills EXP to an alt. If you want to improve your Training level, I suggest you read our Black Desert Online Training Guide where we have shown you step by step how to catch wild horses. This is the part that makes it very easy to raise your Training level instead of AFK horse training.

And finally, what to do if we want to increase Special Fame. Since we get the value of this based on our Contribution Points and Knowledge Points, it will be no small task to raise on these. We get Contribution points from quests easily, so if you create characters because of Combat Fame anyway, do at least the main quests with them. But that will not be enough. In this case, you have to step on the daily missions in the bigger cities. You can find them by pressing the ‘O’ key under the Recurring tab, named “…. Contribution”.

I have already mentioned the Cooking and Alchemy byproducts above. The Witch’s Delicacy and Mysterious Catalyst in addition to life skill EXP, it also gives Contribution points, so it’s extremely useful.

And finally, increasing Knowledge points. We have already written a separate guide on this as well, if you want to know everything on the subject, read our Black Desert Online Knowledge Guide. Very to the point, however, the situation is as follows: go for complete the Character topic, then to Topography, Sea Topic, Ecology, and finally the Adventure Journal or Academics. The first three sections are relatively easy to obtain in full, and we get an overwhelming number of points for them. We have described in detail how to do it in our guide.

How to Get 7,000+ Family Fame

7,000 points are the limit after which we get the highest tax deduction thanks to Family Fame. In total, most of the points that can be obtained are theoretically well in excess of 8,000 points, so it is not important in this respect to achieve the maximum points in all categories.

Everyone can decide which part they want to maximalize based on their individual tastes. However, I think it’s easier to increase Combat Fame and Life Fame than Special Fame, but to raise the Combat Fame to higher levels, we need to look for a P2W solution because of the Character Slots that are needed.

But keep in mind that if you want to pocket the biggest silver revenue every day, you will, unfortunately, have to perform all three parts to the maximum. Ouch.

We seem to have reached the end. If you have any comments or ideas,
please feel free to share with us in the comment section below.


Grew up in the world of games, studied journalism & programming, so I'm here to unite my passions! Currently a big fan of Black Desert Online and League of Legends. Probably still training horses at BDO.


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    • Norelly says:

      Dear ScarletAdept,

      It’s very good to hear that from you! ♥ Thank you and oh yeah, one of my favorite parts is when I can take pictures for my writings. I’m sure we’ll soon find a way to see the cover images in a larger size.
      By the way, I sent the picture above to one of the Pearl Abyss contest, by clicking here you can view it with more pictures.

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