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Published on April 20, 2022    Updated on May 4, 2022
Black Desert Online

Black Desert - Optimized Gear Build for Tier 1 Node Wars

Going into your first T1 Node War without the proper build won't be a pleasant experience in BDO, so make sure to gear-up like the pros do!

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It’s not a secret that all the guilds in gear-capped environments are maximizing percentage base stats such as down attacks, critical hit damage, back attack damage etc. This is easily achievable with Chimera’s Pupil Gems, Kaia Necklace and PRI+ Ultimate Rosar offhand. The goal of this article is my attempt on improving it further, but not to the obvious extent of running expensive elixirs that are extremely hard to get.

I strongly suggest you to create an alt character specifically for this build as it does not have any other purpose aside from Tier1s. The gear is fairly cheap considering all the seasonal rewards and making it less of a burden of constantly swapping gear and crystals.

I am inviting you to take part in optimizing the build and feel free to communicate any improvements!
The build most likely will have slight changes depending on game updates and your feedback, so make sure to check it out from time to time.

The Constraints

Observing the stat limits we note that Special Evasion Crystals in armors are obsolete. We will replace them with something much more useful.

AP Limit includes your ALL AP (with bonus brackets) and Extra Damage to Humans. Damage Reduction Rate Limit is achievable with at least 248DP and 263DP respectively. We will focus first on Easy difficulty level of Tier 1 Nodewar build and then modify it to meet Medium constraints.

The Damage % modifiers are uncapped.

Stat Limits Easy Medium
AP Limit: 238 268
Evasion Limit: 755 787
Evasion Rate Limit: 15% 15%
Damage Reduction Limit: 181 215
Damage Reduction Rate Limit: 7% 9%
Accuracy Limit: 637 655
Accuracy Rate Limit: 15% 15%
All Resistance Limit: 20% 30%
Special Evasion Rate Limit: 0% 0%

The MinMaxing

My subjective priority of stats to maximize in descending order is:

  1. Damage Modifiers
  2. Ignore resists at least 20% (For Tier 1 Medium use 1x Elkar/Precision crystal instead of Absorption crystal for a total of 30% ignore resists.)
  3. At least 4500 HP in the first 20 minutes. (At nodewar start everyone gets +500 MAX HP so we would have 5000HP.)
  4. AP against monsters. (Works on structures.) Not anymore.
  5. Stamina
  6. Max Weight

“Every great thing requires great sacrifice…  Atleast for 20 minutes.”

With the following gear, crystals and buffs you should have around 4500 HP at nodewar start, which is 500HP less than someone with HP crystals, but that will only last for 20 minutes before your HP-bars will become equal.

Time period CET MAX HP
20:00 – 20:20 5000
20:20 – 20:40 4500
20:40 – 21:00 4000
21:00 – 21:20 3500
21:20 – 21:40 3000
21:40 – 22:00 2500

While we are discussing gear might as well mention important addons that you must have:

  1. Bleeding (150 bleeding per 3 secs for 15 seconds.)
  2. Down attack damage.
  3. Critical Hit Damage.
  4. AP Monster Damage.
  5. HP recovery. (HP recovery performs much better on some classes than others. Try it out. )
  6. Movement Slows.
  7. Attack/Casting Speed.

The Build

Link to the build: https://garmoth.com/character/Dm43Y2z0jn

Ignore All Resistance 20 %
Ignore Grapple Resistance 20 %
Ignore Knockback/Floating Resistance 20 %
Ignore Knockdown/Bound Resistance 20 %
Ignore Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance 35 %
Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance 41 %
Knockdown/Bound Resistance 41 %
Knockback/Floating Resistance 41 %
Grapple Resistance 41 %
Extra AP Against Monsters 108
All Special Attack Extra Damage 22 %
Additional Down Attack Damage 46 %
Additional Counter Attack Damage 20 %
Additional Back Attack Damage 35 %
Additional Air Attack Damage 20 %
Additional Speed Attack Damage 20 %
Critical Hit Damage without Caroline 66 %

Stats Summary, Highlights and Example

Our crits on downed target would deal:

  • 100% Base
  • + 100% Crit
  • + 20% Down
  • + 66% Bonus Crit
  • + 10% Bonus Crit from Caroline Buff
  • + 46% Bonus Down
  • + 22% All Special on Crit
  • + 22% All Special on Down
  • = 384% of Base Damage.

Let’s compare it to a non Tier1 build without any buffs.

The same attack would deal

  • 100% base
  • + 100% Crit
  • + 20% Down
  • + 25% Bonus Crit (from Gear)
  • +1% Bonus Down
  • +1% All Special on Crit
  • +1% All Special on Down
  • = 248% of Base Damage

The increase is insane!  Also, it’s worth noting that All Special Attack Extra Damage is the King. It appears twice in the damage formula; once for Crit and once for Down attack, making it the most important damage modifier.


Items and Buffs

I will list all relevant gear pieces and buffs along with explanation.



Item Reason Comment
icon Chimera’s Pupil Gem 2x  Down Attack Extra Damage +20% Purchase in Trent at NPC Mandolf.
icon TRI: Ultimate Rosar All Special Attack Extra Damage +10% “All special attacks” include crit, air, down and back attacks.
icon Blackstar/Kzarka/Offin Mainhand Critical Hit Damage: +2%
Cup of Dwindling Starlight 2x Critical Hit Damage: +6%
Carolin’s Kindness Critical Hit Damage: +10% For 30 minutes.
Refresh whenever possible.
icon DUO: Manos White Coral Belt Ignore All Resistance +4% helps us reach 20% ignore resists without Elkars.
icon Kaia Necklace Additional Back Attack Damage: +10% Npc at Trent Mandolf
icon Vell’s Heart Ignore All Resistance +5%
Attack Speed +5%
Casting Speed +5%
helps us reach 20% ignore resists without Elkars.
icon Splendid Alchemy Stone of Destruction Ignore All Resistance +8%
Attack Speed +8%
Casting Speed +8%
Do not get it unless you are a maniac.
icon Hunter’s Clothes (Costume) – 50% Fall Dmg [Black Desert] How to Use an Equipment Tailoring Coupon | Make Your Own Outfit / Costume!
icon TRI: [Combat] Trina Demolition Axe or higher Demolish structures at bulldozer speed. How to Get Trina Axe and Matchlock in BDO
Exquisite Cron Meal Ignores All Resistance +4% 
Back Attack Damage +5%
Critical Hit Damage +5%
helps us reach 20% ignore resists without Elkars.
Giant’s Draught Extra All Special Attack Damage +10%
Max Stamina +200
Also we want to max out movement speed and critical hit.
Use the Immortal version.
Elixir of Indignation Extra All Special Attack Damage +12%
Max Stamina +200
Slightly better than giant.
Frenzy Draught Extra AP Against Monsters +30
Critical Hit Damage +10%
HP Recovery +3 per hit
Max Stamina +200
Use it for HP recovery – class dependent. Doesn’t offer anything more than Giant.
Elixir of Deep Sea Down Attack Damage +10%
Back Attack Damage +10%
Air Attack Damage +10%
OP but expensive.
Use Immortal version
icon [Villa] Body Enhancement Ignores All Resistance +5% helps us reach 20% ignore resists without Elkars.
Superior Whale Tendon Potion HP +750 Up to +1,087.5 HP on use while you are CCed!
Master’s Stuffed Shadow Wolf Head HP +100 Furniture buff
Church Protection HP +150
Spirit Perfume Elixir or
Bracing Spirit Perfume Elixir
Max HP +300 With this build use it only in FIRST 20 minutes of nodewar. (given you don’t use elixir of deep sea that is)


Following crystal set up leaves us little to no wiggle room. We have exactly 20% ignore resists without Elkars/Precisions, meanwhile maintaining at least 4500 HP in the first 20 minutes and have larger Stamina compared to most players.

Item Effect Reason
HAN Magic Crystal – Hoom 2x HP +210 We need this for 4500 HP+.
Magic Crystal of Infinity – Siege 2x Siege Weapon Evasion Rate +10% Makes you almost twice as tanky vs flame towers.

See: https://streamable.com/2q66bx

Corrupted Magic Crystal 2x Critical Hit Damage +22% 20% + 2% set bonus
Magic Crystal of Infinity – Absorption 2x HP Recovery +2 on Attack there is nothing better?!
For tier1 medium use 1x Elkarr or Precision.
Glorious Crystal of Gallantry – Olucas 2x Attack, Casting Speed +2%
HAN Magic Crystal – Macalod 2x Ignore All Resistance: +7 %
Max Stamina +200
helps us reach 20% ignore resists without Elkars.
JIN Magic Crystal – Hystria 2x Max Stamina +350

If for some reason you did not commit fully to this build and have more than 20% ignore all resists pick.

Perilla’s Star


Stamina: +100
HP Recovery Per Hit: +1
Season reward
icon Simple Cron Meal


Extra AP against Monsters +13
Down Attack Damage +5%
Damage for structures.

Artifacts and Lightstones


There is only one choice for Artifact, simply because nothing is better. You want as much as possible %-based modifiers depends on what you need the most. If you rely on Down Attacks the most pick [Crocodile’s Tooth]. If you want pure damage without relying on special attacks as much, get [Target Openings].


Item Effect Reason
Kehelle’s Artifact – Max Stamina 2x Max Stamina +100 Nothing better.
[Crocodile’s Tooth]
Lightstone of Fire: Predation 2x
Extra AP Against Monsters: +13
Additional Down Attack Damage: +6%
Critical Hit Damage: +3%
Obvious choice for total 9% Damage Modifier for downed target!
Lightstone of Earth: Roots
Lightstone of Earth: Boulder
Lightstone of Earth: Swamp
Lightstone of Wind: Mind
Damage Reduction: -50
Siege Weapon Evasion Rate: +30%
Knockback/Floating Resistance: +2%
Knockdown/Bound Resistance: +2%
Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance: +2%
MP/WP/SP: +50
This doubles your tankiness against flametowers.
[Target Openings]
Lightstone of Fire: Rage
Lightstone of Fire: Marked
Lightstone of Wind: Lungs
Lightstone of Fire: Strike
Hidden AP: +10
Total Accuracy: +16
Stamina: +100
Critical Hit Damage: +6%
Less damage than [Crocodile’s Tooth] on downed target, but more damage on standing target.


To Do

HP recovery stacking build: Frenzy, Perilla’s Star?
Considering Red Nose for HP recovery.
HP recovery statue instead of Wolfs Head.


04.05.2022 Monster AP is not working. Changed Artifacts to Stamina. Lightstone combo is still good. Added couple more mentions.
20.04.2022 added Elixir of Indignation, Bracing Spirit Perfume Elixir, Frenzy Draught vs Structures.
16.04.2022 added artifacts, adjusted for Monster AP = Structure AP: Ah’krad instead of Olucas, Blackstar Mainhand has advantage.
04.02.2022 adjusted for 4.5k HP.
03.02.2022 added Kaia Necklace.
02.02.2022 created by Gigrise#6110 – GM of FunHub on EU.


I play and stream Black Desert, main Archer since it's release. Grinding and spreadsheets are my passion. Former officer of the strongest Tier 1 medium guild - Lunacy and now I am Guild Master of FunHub on EU.


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