Published on May 24, 2023

Tears of The Kingdom - Gerudo Town Secret Armor Shop Location

Gerudo Town is a small village in the Gerudo desert; new players will discover that it is a female-only town. Any guy entering the town is prohibited, as are any male clothes stores that are open to the public. In today’s tutorial, we’ll walk you through a secret clothes shop in town. The clothes given in this secret shop can be quite handy for fighting the blistering heat when venturing out in the desert, and it gives our beloved hero Link a stunning fresh look.

Our first destination will be the doors of Gerudo town, once you’re there you need to enter the town and steer just a little bit to your left. You will notice a little waterfall going down the ground, jumping through this little hole will lead you to the underground sewers of Gerudo Town.

Just ahead of you, you will notice some breakable rocks, all you need to do is keep digging through these rocks. After going through the ground rocks you will notice a bunch of rocks on the upper area destroy them, and keep up. Once you have destroyed all the rocks you will meet a dead end, once there use the ascend ability to move up, this will lead you straight to the Gerudo Secret Club.

After a small discussion with the owner, you can now buy anything you want from the secret shop. There is a full Desert Voes armor which can help tremendously against the desert heat, and to your left, you can also get Snow boots and Sand boots for faster movement on the snow and the desert.

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